Amazon Holds Breakaway E-Sports Match On Active Military Ship

breakaway ship matchWith the rise of the eSports scene, broadcasting tournaments on live TV and streaming them on YouTube or Twitch have quickly become the norm. Apparently, the norm wasn’t enough for Amazon Game Studios and their upcoming sports-brawler-slash-MOBA Breakaway.

Amazon thought it would be cool to hold an eSports match and broadcast it live from an active military ship. Luckily, the Royal Netherlands Navy had an offshore patrol vessel to spare and were gracious enough to lend it to Amazon Game Studios. Team Echo Fox and Team Rogue duked it out aboard the HNLMS Holland in a head-to-head feature match called Breakaway Battle on the High Seas with Team Rogue coming out on top.

The promotional match was probably the first ever eSports match to be held on a military vessel at sea. I’m not sure if it got the hype train rolling but it’s probably better than hiring Steven Seagal as your “Heroic Battle Advisor”. Now, if somebody would just hire Terry Crews. You can check out the match highlights right after the jump. We’ve also included the full match coverage just in case you’re interested.