Amazon's Breakaway is "Basically Canceled"

Kotaku reported today that Amazon's free to play team arena brawler is basically cancelled. Interestingly, no layoffs were reported and the game isn't quite fully cancelled as it may re-emerge in some form later. Still, the game is currently on "indefinite hiatus". While Breakaway never quite launched, it has undergone quite a few beta tests over the last year.

Breakaway was first announced back in September 2016, but never managed to capture a sizable playerbase. Although the game never launched, the beta periods were pretty much open to anyone and everyone. While Breakaway was yet another MOBA, it was a unique mix of Battlerite meets Rocket League. It also had some interesting Twitch integration which was aimed at making the game more enjoyable for Twitch viewers.

The game's indefinite hiatus doesn't look good for Amazon Game Studios which hasn't launched a viable product in years. The company saw big name game designers like Portal's director Kim Swift and Far Cry 2's director Clint Hocking leave the game studio without releasing a single viable product.

While I was never really looking forward to Breakway, I am looking forward to Amazon's sandbox MMORPG "New World". Unfortunately, there's no news on that one just yet.

Check out the First Look I made back in December, 2016: