Podcast – Episode 121: MMO Exploits, Toxicity, FFXIV, & More Podcast Episode 121 - Omer (@remotayx) and Erhan (@Ehaltay)

This is episode one hundred and twenty-one of the Podcast and we look at the most recent news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. As always we jumped right into the Weekly Raid, "What Is Your Favorite MMO Bug or Exploit?" We talked about some of the bugs / exploits we've seen used in various online games and asked our audience to share what they've seen as well. We then talked about the drama surrounding the Riot Games employee who lost his job for making unsavory remarks towards an infamous streamer. We ended the week talking about Final Fantasy XIV and got into a heated discussion about emotes which continued deep into the post game.

The Weekly Raid: What Is Your Favorite MMO Bug or Exploit?

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