The Weekly Raid: What Was Your Favorite MMO Bug or Exploit?

Its a feature, not a bug.

No game is immune from bugs, but the effects a bug can have are magnified by the multiplayer, persistent nature of MMOs. Often bugs go unfixed for months, if not years. Whether its not developer's inability or ignorance of such bugs, they often end up being fixed features of a MMO. Something for players to learn, just like any other strategy for feature.

With that said, have you ever exploited a known bug for personal advantage in a MMO or MMORPG? What's your favorite experience or story involving a MMO bug? I'm guilty of doing so across a wide spectrum of games, I even received a suspension in Ultima Online for exploiting a known bug.

As a secondary question, do you feel there is a moral dimension to exploiting bugs in multiplayer games? Often abusing exploits is explicitly prohibited by a game's Terms of Service, but every once in a while you get a studio that takes a laissez-faire attitude towards in-game exploits. This was the case recently with World's Adrift during its ongoing Early Access phase. Many in the community were up in arms, despite the fact the game is still in testing with a wipe likely planned before official release.

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