The Weekly Raid: What Was Your Favorite MMO Bug or Exploit?

Its a feature, not a bug.

No game is immune from bugs, but the effects a bug can have are magnified by the multiplayer, persistent nature of MMOs. Often bugs go unfixed for months, if not years. Whether its not developer's inability or ignorance of such bugs, they often end up being fixed features of a MMO. Something for players to learn, just like any other strategy for feature.

With that said, have you ever exploited a known bug for personal advantage in a MMO or MMORPG? What's your favorite experience or story involving a MMO bug? I'm guilty of doing so across a wide spectrum of games, I even received a suspension in Ultima Online for exploiting a known bug.

As a secondary question, do you feel there is a moral dimension to exploiting bugs in multiplayer games? Often abusing exploits is explicitly prohibited by a game's Terms of Service, but every once in a while you get a studio that takes a laissez-faire attitude towards in-game exploits. This was the case recently with World's Adrift during its ongoing Early Access phase. Many in the community were up in arms, despite the fact the game is still in testing with a wipe likely planned before official release.

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  • Yea Right

    In Age of Conan there's an exploit where you can jump through walls if you combine a certain emote with the jump forward. So the animation of the emote pushes you through the wall as your mid-air. End result? In certain raids you can jump through the wall, find yourself about 5 feet below the bosses feet, and can kill raid bosses. This only works for a select few raid bosses, but the fact that it works at all is pretty funny.

  • In Ultima Online you could use the "Provocation" skill to get neutral animals to kill NPCs in town which was normally impossible because guards would 1 shot players who committed crimes in town. You'd still die after provoking an animal to attack an NPC but the NPC would keep fighting the neutral animal. If you killed enough NPC Tailors one would eventually spawn with super rare black sandals which were worth tons of gold. Did this for hours and hours and eventually got suspended, but made tons of moolah.

  • Jordy Knubben

    The falador massacre

  • nathan de koning

    The falador massacre

  • SoulPlay

    This is a rather old one but it was pure gold: Back in the early days of Perfect World International, we used to lure Chin, Mausoleum Watchman (World boss) from his spawn all the way to the largest city in the game (about 20 mins real time). He had a ridiculously large AoE that would pretty much a one shot everything, he would rampage killing all NPC's, players and player owned shops. He would only reset when everything in the city was dead.

  • Nevik

    The exploit I remember very well was done in Rift which led to "If it looks like a duck, it's a duck" meme I guess. It involved the raid boss Regulos and a cleric pet of the Minotaur. Apparently one guild was able to use the Minotaur pet to tank the boss and totally ignore the tank swap mechanic for 95% of the fight. Then they posted their kill video showing the last minute of the fight where their normal tank was tanking it to hide the fact they did it. It was very creative game play to be sure. Looking back on it I can just kinda laugh but I guess back then Rift World First and the like were a big deal for the community, so it didn't go over well with them. To each their own.

  • ivan_

    dota 2 denying ally creeps. Originally a bug but the devs saw how tactical it was so they kept it in the game and now it's one of the fundamentals of dota.

    stupid mechanic imo, but still one of my favourites for MMO bugs/exploits, even though it was implemented as a feature early on.

  • asu

    u people should try SEAL Blade of Destiny. they allowing BUG in PvP. It's bascially legal in that game. No banning, no consuquence.

    All you need is Job GAMBLER. Feel free to kill everyone in Coloseum and Warzone. But carefull if you meet other gambler richer than you.

    SEAL BOD is the worst MMORPG in PvP.

  • JellyBitz

    Graves cigar :c