Podcast Episode 78: Mobile Games on PC, Lineage Eternal, & More Podcast Episode 78 - Omer (@remotayx), Erhan (Ehaltay), Matt (@Mattchuranu), Sean (@sean_sulliva), and Shurelya (@Shureria).

This is episode seventy-eight of the Podcast and we look at the most recent news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. We started off with the weekly raid as usual which was "Do you prefer to play mobile games on Steam?" We then talked a bit about Lineage Eternal, and its original promise of being PC and Mobile compatible. The game's November 30 CBT was also a topic of discussion. The free to play Eve Online news was also discussed. Surprisingly we didn't see a huge boost in players due to the F2P move just yet. We had a pretty lengthy discussion towards the end of the podcast where we talked about Final Fantasy XIV making old content easier (through the Echo system).

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The Weekly Raid: Do you prefer to play mobile games on Steam?