Podcast - Episode 80: Player Shops, BDO, Lawbreakers, & More Podcast Episode 80 - Omer (@remotayx), Erhan (Ehaltay), Matt (@Mattchuranu), Sean (@sean_sulliva), and Shurelya (@Shureria).

This is episode eighty of the Podcast and we look at the most recent news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. We started off with the weekly raid as usual which was "What Ever Happened to Play Shops in MMORPGs?" We then discussed megaservers in Black Desert Online and then talked a bit about Lineage Eternal. There's a chance that the English version of Lineage Eternal won't be too far off, as some of the game has already been translated to English (here's to hoping that worldwide simultaneous release thing from 2 years ago is still a go!). We talked a bit about Lawbreakers too and whether the game has a chance of making it as a buy to play title. As always, we got a bit distracted and jumped around from topic to topic. A bit more so this week than usual, as we ran a bit longer than usual.

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The Weekly Raid: What Ever Happened to Play Shops in MMORPGs?