Sunday Funday Round 68 – Revelation Online

Revelation Online Sunday Funday Gameplay Video

This week the crew took a look at Revelation Online - the free to play fantasy action / tab targeted hyrbid MMORPG developed by Netease and published by (Same folks behind Skyforge / Armored Warfare). The game is a tad similar to Blade and Soul in movement and combat to a degree, although a bit more janky. The Sunday Funday video was recorded during closed beta, and as with the first look video, much of the game remains untranslated at the moment. Opinions were pretty mixed across the board about the game.

  • Meatbag

    They do ultra sh!t job at translating it, my granny would do better than their entire translation team if they even have one. I'm starting to think they got that one unlucky dude who can barely put 2+2 together in Chinese and Eng and together with google translate barely manages to make something coherent by the end of each month. PS: That dude you slapped on each revelation news intro icon is making me cringe.