Revelation Online Live On Steam

The Chinese developed free to play fantasy MMORPG Revelation Online officially launched on Steam today and is off to a rocky start on the platform. Within 24 hours of launch reviews are "mostly negative" and the game has only attracted an average concurrent playerbase of 140 users. Revelation Online isn't a new game though. It's been available off Steam through [...]

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Revelation Online to add Seventh Class, Assassin, in New Expansion

Revelation Online has announced its next expansion, ShadowBlade. Featuring a trailer that looks like something straight out of Korea meets Mad Max, the ShadowBlade Expansion will feature the addition of the new Assassin class. According to Press Release information, the Assassin class will feature both daggers for short-range combat, and chain weapons for mid-range gameplay. And, as expected of the title [...]

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