Sunday Funday Round 70 – Tiger Knight: Empire War

Tiger Knight: Empire War Sunday Funday Gameplay Video

This week the crew took a look at Tiger Knight: Empire War - the free to play Dynasty Warriors meets Mound & Blade style game on Steam. It's developed by Netdragon (same folks behind Conquer Online) and published by Oasis Games (Naruto Online). The game is basically a 5v5 deathmatch with each player controlling a general (their main unit) with action controls and a squad of bodyguards. Since its launch on Steam on October 25, 2016, the game has been quite popular, averaging about 3,500 players online during launch month. Despite the janky interface and presentation, Tiger Knight: Empire War offers a unique experience. It's basically a deathmatch style brawler, but with an World of Tanks like customization. We had some mixed opinions, but most of us seemed to enjoy Tiger Knight: Empire War.