Tiger Knight Relaunches Day After it Shut Down

Tiger Knight Empire War relaunched today, a mere 1 day after its publisher shut it down on Steam. The game's new publisher is its developer, NetDragon Websoft. Given that the game is now being self-published, I suspect not only will the game get updated more frequently, but it also likely won't be in danger of closing down anytime soon. One immiediete difference between the 2 versions of the game is that the relaunched one features a more streamlined title, "Tiger Knight" vs "Tiger Knight: Empire War".

Tiger Knight is a Mount and Blade / Dynasty Warriors like strategy action MMO developed and published by the Chinese game developer Netdragon Websoft.

Check it out on Steam.

  • irn4l

    lol, main rule in online videogame business, always squeeze the orange juice till the last drop. i actualy dont like steam myself neither, they look like the microsoft of gaming, monopolizing everysingle shiit, "everybody owes everybody pays" who tha f are they? my congratulations to anyone that detach themselfs from steam, but even so, "lets see what we can milk by ourselfs"?

    • Djon mayer

      Tiger Knight is a free game, I doubt the dev are trying to milk it. I'm not sure what your deal with Steam is, as they have frequent sales, big libraries. So instead of asking people to stop using steam, ask other platforms to give more options and better prices.

      • irn4l

        1st, "iger Knight is a free game, I doubt the dev are trying to milk it." -> universal law of gaming "devs must eat", that is smoke for our eyes, or you are really talking about you dont know.

        2nd, my deal with steam is the hipocrisy that they endure. gaming today, should be considered an honorable, respected, dignified activity, gamers should, by now, have rights and conditions to live and be a gamer without society judging eyes upon them and ridiculous financial dificulties due to the time required for these games. you may say, people just play if they want, but i, as a guild leader, do not tolerate pseudo gamers, i build guilds to win or i dont bother, my guild members, shall play all day, all days, or you build your weekend guild yourself. now i ask, wtf does steam do regarding these matters? steam its just another bullshiit, like blizard, like daybreak, like twitch, all milking from gamers time. im a gamer, steam wants payers. besides im not asking nobody nothing, i congratulate if they detach.

        3rd, im tired, so tired of giving the biggest suggestion of all times to solve these real gaming problems, i dont ask other plattaforms to do more of the same shiit, that would make me look like a crying beach, no, i suggest:


        • Djon mayer

          1. everyone must eat, not just devs. You don't have to milk games to put food on tables.

          2. I'm pretty sure nobody judges you for being a "gamer" these days. I don't know how steam is milking, they don't have any paid services as far as I know, they're just a retailer.

          • irn4l

            1. no, you're wrong, in gaming world, only devs need to eat, nobody gives a shiit about gamers. you dont have to milk, games, nowdays, there are games that even milk the gamers time to put food on their own tables, go figure... they just do it cause its fun and entertain.

            2. nobody judge me for beeing gamer, they judge me for playing videogames all days all days and beeing a broke asshole living under my mothers financial support.

            3 for long time now, games should be considered an work activity, like a job, with its proper value, and gamers with their proper earnings, steam, like all others insist in keeping them a toy.

            4. it seems you're too concern with the money, i hope that for the rest of my live i never spend a single penny again in videogames. i dont care about sales, prices, i jsut play free to play games.

          • irn4l

            ahh right, thank you guys, appreciated.

  • irn4l

    "NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 777.HK), established in 1999 and headquartered in Fuzhou, Capital of Fujian Province of China, is a world’s leading creator of online community." these guys, create us O.O

  • Basi


    well that was fast lol