Sunday Funday Round 76 – Warframe

Warframe Online Sunday Funday Gameplay Video Warframe is a free to play cooperative fast paced action shooter developed by Digital Extremes. The crew ran through a handful of missions and showed off some of the early content in Warframe. We all had a lot of fun with this one, mostly because unlike a lot of games, Warframe is fun [...]

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Sunday Funday Round 73 – Line of Sight

Line of Sight Sunday Funday Gameplay Video Line of Sight is a free to play shooter developed by Blackspot Entertainment and published by GamenGame. It plays a lot like other free to play tactical shooters, a la Combat Arms, Alliance of Valiant Arms, Soldier Front, etc. It officially launched into free open beta in December, 2016 after being available for some [...]

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Sunday Funday Round 72 – Paragon

Paragon Sunday Funday Gameplay Video This week the crew took a look at Paragon - a free to play sci-fi MOBA developed and published by Epic Games. The core gameplay is action oriented, similar to Smite and Gigantic. This video was recorded shortly after the monolith update. Our games were a bit iffy, but I had quite a bit of fun [...]

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