Battlerite Is Now Free To Play

Its happening! After over a year in paid Early Access, the Team Arena Brawler (TAB) Battlerite has officially launched on November 8, 2017. Stunlock Studios, the team behind Battlerite, had promised that the game would be free to play upon release and they delivered.

During its Early Access phase, the game had a price tag of $20. That didn't stop it from winning our MMO of the Year award, and it has since enjoyed over 1 million downloads. While many of those players have moved on, the free to play launch is sure to bring both old and new players. Concurrent player numbers on Steam have surpassed 16,000 as of this afternoon. Lets see if Battlerite can keep up the momentum!

The official release will be accompanied by a new user interface,game mode, new champion, and over 200 new items and cosmetics. Even the soundtrack will see an update!

The Unity engine powered Battlerite is a huge step up from Bloodline Champions, a predessor game by Stunlock Studio that never caught on among competitive gamers. While the core mechanics are similar between the two, Battlerite is much more accessible, eespecially since it is now free to play!

Be sure to check out the new free to play launch trailer while you download the game on Steam!