Battlerite Summer Mega Patch Scheduled For June 27

A massive patch has just been announced for the Team Arena Battle (TAB) game Battlerite. The Summer Mega Patch goes live on June 27, 2017 and will bring with it a host of new features and changes.

First up, a new hero called Blossom enters the arena. She's a half human, half faun spellcaster who uses nature to heal herself and allies in battle. Check out the Champion Preview below to learn more!

Pretty new Legendary Outfits for 11 champions will be available through a limited time legendary outfit check. Stunlock Studios is offering anyone who logs in between June 27 - July 13 a free Jade Classic Outfit. She was one of the original champions and has received a totally new look with her graphic update. Be sure to log in to claim her classic skin.

Battlerite has struggled with player retention since its Early Access Launch, and that issue was likely high on the devs mind as they're rolling out a host of features to help players feel a sense of progression. A new Questing system will feature daily and weekly quests along with achievements and other features to give players short and long term goals to strive towards. An account levleing system is also being added. It will be independent of the individual Champion levels currently available. There will be no cap to the Account level, allowing players to level up to their heart's content.

A wacky new game mode called Rocket Balloon Brawl is also being added. Teams will be able to battle for control of a balloon that automatically starts firing at the opposing team's Guardian. As long as your team's Guardian is alive, you can revive. Once destroyed, there's no coming back.

A new Campaign Mode replaces the existing tutorial. Players can clear multiple challenges that help teach them how to play the game. The hope is the new Campaign is more fun and engaging than a bland tutorial.

Finnally, the Summer Mega Patch marks the start of Season 4. Graphic improvements, better arena sound affects, and other audio updates are included as well!

No mention of Battlerite's Free to Play launch was mentioned in the Summer update, but it can't be far off now. The addition of progression features along with more emphasis on skins and new heroes point the way.

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