How To Setup Fate/Grand Order On PC and Android

I’ve recently picked up a Mobile MMO called Fate/Grand Order which is based on the highly popular Fate franchise by Type Moon. Just earlier this year they finished airing an anime of the original material called Fate/Unlimited Blade Works.

In Fate/Grand Order, you play a mage who is sent through various times to prevent anomalies from occurring. To help you on this quest you have access to summoning Heroic Spirits which are heroes from throughout history such as King Arthur, Alexander The Great and Jeanne Of Arc. fgo03

Unfortunately for those of us who are from the west, the game is currently only translated in Japanese— but fortunately for you I’ll be here to guide you. Even as a non-Japanese speaker, you’ll be able to try out this awesome free to play Mobile MMORPG which sports a fun JRPG inspired battle system that is full of strategy. Those looking to learn how to play Fate/Grand Order can read on.

In this guide I’ll be showing you how to pick up the game on PC and Android.


  1. You’ll need an emulator. (If you're on desktop. If you're using Android skip to step 2)

First you’ll want to pick up an Android emulator since the game is on mobile. With this you’ll be able to play any other mobile games you’d like. For Fate/Grand Order I personally use Bluestacks but you can use whatever is right for you.

You can download Bluestacks here.

After you’re all installed (which took incredibly long for me) move on to step 2.


  1. Download QooApp.

You can pick up QooApp here by clicking on the QooApp Icon. QooApp is a Japanese game hub that contains all sorts of goodies, for our purposes we’re interested in obtaining Fate/Grand Order from here.


If you're using an Android phone just go ahead and navigate to the QooApp address. You won't be able to find QooApp in the app store, you'll need to navigate to the address below:

  1. Install QooApp apk file into your emulator.

If you are using Bluestacks, drag and drop it into the emulator. Wait until complete. I had a random problem with mine at this phase— I instead searched for the Bluestacks launcher in my browser and dragged the QooApp apk file onto it.


  1. Launch QooApp within the emulator and search for “Fate/Grand” then pick Fate/Grand Order.

You can find the search option here:


There should only be one option at this stage that looks like this:


  1. Sign in using either Google Play or Facebook.

I used Google Play to have a different account, mostly so I could make in-game purchases easier through Google Wallet. However, several people have said that Facebook is easier since you don’t have to make an account if you already have one.


  1. Click download then launch through emulator home page.

After this step you're done! The game will prompt you through tutorial and character creation and you'll be ready to summon a servant for yourself!

Stay tuned for more information on how to play the game. If you encounter any problems go ahead and leave a comment.

I've been playing MMOs since the MUD days and I loved UO and Ragnarok Online. I'm a game designer and have worked in the industry for several years now, most notably on League of Legends. I love Anime, Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop and my current love is Fate/Grand Order.

  • The game is in Japanese, but it's most self explanatory. Anyone familiar with mobile games like Puzzle & Dragon should be able to figure out what's what. I got the game working on my old sony Z2 (android). You can't just search the QooApp on the Android Store. Gotta go to the link in the guide and download it there (May have to turn on the third party downloading thing in settings when prompted)

  • It's a pretty fun game, I just wish I understood what's being said.. I should learn Japanese ;o;

  • daltton

    shout out to brake frontier in the images lol love that game

  • Yuen

    sigh...such a better Unison League logo than in our Google Play...great guide...still deciding on whether I should play it or not since I'm a massive TYPE MOON fan.

    • Shurelya is a big Type moon fan too and she loves it. Worth checking out IMO!

      • Yuen

        I don't have any probs with this so far, but does the game auto-update versions like regular apps as if it were downloaded from Google Play? Or do I have to do something different since it was installed from QooApp?

        • For me I just re-accessed it on Qoo and updated. For iOS i just update as well.

  • Kristian


  • ThisIsWhoIAm

    Wow, this is great! Now I can play the game all I want! I've been a Fate fan for so long and I'm dying to play this game. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Netami

    cant seem to launch the game =/ it nearly instantly closes

    • Netami


      • Murayama

        I have the same issue. How did you solve it?

  • Le Proc

    My game-screen is black, though I followed all the steps. Is there a way to fix this?

  • Joe Ruskey

    I'm having a few issues with bluestacks. The game seems to freeze up during the tutorial...the music keeps playing but that's it.

    • Bradley Jacobs

      just hit the same problem as well >.< i was really looking forward to playing fate GO since i love the fate series

  • Nova

    i have the same problem, what is memu?

    • its a different version of Bluestacks.

  • Jorge Reyes

    I have a problem only happens with fate / grand order entered by step tutorial game and open the gift package and all well but when I enter the characters who left me in the next battle I freezes the screen and only the sound is heard background. They know of any solution?

    • Jorge Reyes

      in memu me out of the game after installation D:

  • +_/!//3X_+

    help im playing in my android and i can't proceed... i am stuck in the loading screen

  • Anthoni Vedovato

    IM try to play but nothing works!

  • Zynos

    Same here!

  • Hiro

    FYI due to a recent update FGO is unable to be played on rooted phones, emulators, USB debugging switched on, etc. unless you are using a modded apk.

    • yeah.. thats the only way to play the game right now. :c
      now I need to wait for the modded version 1.14.0

      • John Kim

        How do i get this modded apk

        • It seem the Modded apk will never be back and the only way to play is by using phone or using RemixOS if want to play on Emulator but RemixOS kinda risky.

  • AnimeDaisuki

    you can actually change the Language

    • Chris Vazquez

      Where do you click to change the language

  • mj

    japanese version can't be played in the bluestack?? so sad

  • Hayarinrin

    Can't play it on PC because every time I open the app it goes to a black screen then closes.

  • lEvolutionZl

    I've done disable dev mode and debug usb but still cant fix error code 43.. anyone can help me ?

    • sergio macedo

      Did you solve it? Are you using an emulator or a cell phone?

  • eminA Backwards

    Hi there, I'm using the Chinese version of F/Go on Bluestacks, however, the game is acting pretty weird. Especially when it comes to fighting enemies. I can't see the characters and the background. Or like the characters on the cards. It's just acting weird. Is there any possible way I can fix this?

  • Fabio Mastrangelo

    HELP ME PLEASE, i can't download the app, every time that i press "install" on the page of the app it says "app not installed".
    what can i do?

    • Augis Augustus

      If you are android user like me it's probably because of security settings or lack of space. Try to check both.

      • Fabio Mastrangelo

        with the space i'm good, what kind of security settings i have to change?

        • Augis Augustus

          In my case android didn't allowed to download game just only because it doesn't have region supported link, like play services, so I had to allow system to download unauthorised content. Try to look in your network settings.

          • Fabio Mastrangelo

            i already allow to download unauthorized content, simply every time i press install on the app, the download seem to start, but then it stop and says, app not installed

          • Augis Augustus

            Delete it and start again.

          • Fabio Mastrangelo

            it works now, thanks, maybe it was the apk

  • Tyrantwolf RedStorm

    just for know, still work? cuz i install 3 emus and no working

  • JeShen Chow

    I installed bluestack and download FGO apk into it , when i press the game , it goes into white screen for a while and it pop back to homescreen

    • Gustavo Jungklaus

      same for me :/

      • The Violinist Ant

        They cucked all the emulators on last patch, I think there's only one way to run and it's kind of broken. Check the subreddit for the game, they had a post there.

  • Jamezu Economou

    does this work on pc?