Guide on How to Get Around IP Blocks / Restrictions


So, given that the Russian version of Black Desert Online just implemented an IP block for all non Russian/Eastern European users, I decided to write up this short guide on how to get around IP blocks for any MMO/MMORPG. This guide will teach you about IP blocks and show you to bypass them on any game. This guide is particularly useful for connection to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese MMORPGs which IP blocks.

You'll need a VPN to access any IP restricted game. This guide links to a free VPN, but for a MUCH more reliable and speedier service I recommend a paid service like VyperVPN. They have a 25% off sale and offer a 3 day free trial.

What are IP Block and Why do Games have them?

IP Blocks are restrictions implemented by games to prevent users from certain regions from accessing them. The Russian version of Black Desert Online for example is published by a company called GameNet. Pearl Abyss, Black Desert's developer, licensed their game to GameNet exclusively for users in Russia and Eastern Europe. Developers like to work with multiple publishers for their games, because they believe it allows for better customer service and a better gaming experience. GameNet is a Russian company so they can make Black Desert more enjoyable for Russian users because they translated and voice acted the game in their local language. The Japanese version of Black Desert for example is published by GameOn Co, which localized the game for Japanese users. Now GameOn, which paid Black Desert's developer for the right to publish the game, doesn't want to Japanese gamers to play on the Korean, Russian, or other versions of Black Desert, because it'll hurt their business: so they work with Pearl Abyss to ensure every publisher operates within their own region. They accomplish this by forcing publishers to implement IP blocks.

Why Should we Try to Get Around Them?

Plenty of reasons. Oftentimes a game may be available in Asia but has no plans to ever release in the West, but due to a publisher's agreement with the game's developer, they have to restrict access to the game. A game like Phantasy Star Online 2 for example is only available in Japan and Southeast Asia, but not in the West. So the only way someone in the U.S. or Europe can play Phantasy Star Online 2 is by either moving to Asia (which isn't practical for most of us) or simply using a VPN to get around the IP block. Sometimes a foreign version of a game is simply better than the domestic one: the North American version of MapleStory for example, called Global MapleStory, is much more popular than the European version, so someone in Europe may want to play on the American server, but can't due to an IP block. Getting around these IP restrictions aren't difficult either, so if you're interested read on!

Ok Let's do it. Teach me Senpai!

It's actually remarkably easy. All you need is something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows you to use a third party server as an intermediary between your PC and the rest of the internet. A VPN is very similar to an internet proxy, except more secure and much more reliable. For a FREE option I strongly recommend using the VPNGate SoftEther VPN Client (If you have issues with VPNGate, there's a free trial for an excellent paid VPN here). Upon downloading and installing it, simply launch the program and click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers. This will pull up a list of public VPN servers currently available to connect to. For Black Desert Online on GameNet, we need to connect to a Russian server, so find one that's up and left click on it and hit "Connect to the VPN Server". After a few seconds you should be connected and good to go! To verify that you're connected, just look up your own IP Address on google by searching "What is my IP address" and you should see the IP address of the VPN you connected to. You can use VPNGate's SoftEther VPN Client to connect to any VPN out there. I've personally used it to connect to Black Desert, but it should work for EVERY game. See the video below if you want to see use the VPN to connect to the Russian version of Black Desert.

If you're having issues willing to spend a little bit of money VyperVPN is my favorite paid VPN. Paying for a VPN will yield MUCH faster and more reliable service. I've personally used VyperVPN to play LaPlace (Seventh Dark Online), Black Desert Online RU, Dragons Dogma Online, and various other foreign games. A paid VPN is speedy, safe, and much more reliable than a free VPN like VPNGate.

Been playing MMOs since I first got my hands on Ultima Online when I was 12 years old. Played so many games from Star Wars Galaxies to MapleStory to DAoC to World of Warcraft. Long time League of Legends player too! I'm also Known as "ReMo" and "Remotay"

  • Sveeeeet! Thanks for this Information Omer! Tested it out on Black Desert just now ^.^

  • SpaceyCowgirl

    I'm having a hard time connecting to the Russian vpn. There are only two options to pick from and both won't connect. :<

    • Hey SpaceyCowgirl, since the VPNs on VPNGate are hosted by random people/groups, their up-time can be iffy. I'd try it again later to see if it works, if not you can also try connecting to a VPN from other Black Desert RU supported regions: Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Latvia Lithuania, Estonia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia

      • SpaceyCowgirl

        Thank you so much for your help!

  • MeatLoaf

    Can you VPNGate for other games, for example connecting to Global MapleStory (USA MapleStory) from Europe?

  • Gareth

    hey listen I think I need some help. D: my IP a'int changing even when i connect to a Russian federation server and i check if the IP has changed but nothing its still the same and i don't know why. I can connect to the Russian federation server but it does not give me a note saying new IP or something like that like its supposed to but i would really appreciate some insight into whats going on and possible fixes 🙂 thanks

  • Silent Nyan

    Would this work with League of Legends?

    • Matt

      It should theoretically work with anything. However, in some games, if you use the same VPN host as someone else, you might end up getting banned for multi-accounting.

  • Steve

    I'm here trying to do the reverse, to connect to the European servers since my country can only play on Russian servers unfortunately and i want to play with my friends, but i got an ip block, downloaded the softether but still cant play because the lag is too high and the speed of the net is quite slow, any way to solve that?

    • contempt

      Hey, I'm trying to do the same as you. Mind telling me how you managed to buy the game in the first place since I can't buy the game on the website due to the restriction

  • Oscar He

    Can anyone help me. I am trying to use jp VPN to play soulworker but it keeps having the warning NHN japan authentication failed when my ip is in jp already

    • It looks like you have to launch the game through the site? None of us have tried Soul Worker yet, but this thread shows that other people have had the same issue: Here's this guy's solution:


      * You must be logged into Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11

      * You must launch the client from 'Play Game' from there.


      - If the cookie expired, you must relog in.

      - If you launched it from your game directory, this error will occur.

      - If you have a firewall blocking TCP/UDP packets, you must permit the application to do so.

      - If you just activated your VPN after logging in to the web page, then you must wait until the VPN has given you a DHCP IP Address

      - Restart your system and try again

      • Oscar He

        Ok ill try those ill get back if it still doesnt work

        • Speaker

          Hey, are you able to access now? I have a similar problem as yours

          • Oscar He

            I can access the game through the website only

          • Vlad

            that is because you are supposed to have access to the game from the website only, asia does it that way it seems for many games

      • Speaker

        Hey, i have the same issue but with Japan Tera.
        I tried the steps but still unable to get access.(The page that comes out after clicking Start Game from website shows blank page). I am also already connected to japan ip already

  • Robin Mir

    I used to have Hotspot Shield to play global Maplestory because I live in Europe, but I got rid of it after the trial because I would have "limited internet" everyday, so I couldn't do basic stuff like going to YouTube. I have been looking for a good VPN that won't do the same thing to my PC like what Hotspot did. So will this VPN mess up my internet after a while?

  • Devashan Pillay

    trying to play seventh dark i'm trying to create an account using facebook and i not sure whats happening. what would be easier to create the account? i new to using a vpn and all of this please forgive my stupidity

  • Winjoy Li

    idk why i have to connect my vpn to make the server available for me and the game will disconnect from server after less than 2 minutes and i have to close the game

  • Hinda Chris

    Does it affect the speed :O?