How to Play Tales of Wind on PC

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Tales of Wind, also known as Laplace M in Southeast Asia, launched globally on March 5, 2019. The game is developed and published by Neocraft Limited, the Chinese video game development studio behind Eternal Sword M and Immortal Destiny. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices as well as on PC, but you can also play the mobile version on the PC using any of the available Android emulators in the market.

How to Play Tales of Wind on PC:

The first step is to download and install an Android emulator like BlueStacks, one of the most popular free Android emulators available right now. Personally, I prefer BlueStacks over other free Android emulators because of its clean and intuitive UI which makes it easier to use. BlueStacks also receives frequent updates that ensure its compatible with the latest games and apps.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed BlueStacks (shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes), simply click on the pre-installed Google Play Store app. You’ll be asked to login using a Google account the first time you run the app on BlueStacks. You can either use an existing account or create a new one but you’ll have to use the same account if you want to play on both PC and mobile. After setting up your account, simply search for “Tales of Wind”, tap on install, and you’re good to go.

Playing Tales of Wind using an Android emulator on PC will give you the benefit of a larger screen and being able to use your mouse and keyboard. BlueStacks comes with preset hotkeys that fit most games but you can easily customize them to whatever you’re comfortable with. You can even set custom hotkeys for skills, menus, and anything you need quick access to. Performance-wise, using BlueStacks is also better since it’s 6x more powerful than any smartphone. The ability to multi-task on the PC while playing is also a nice bonus.

Tales of Wind, a.k.a. Laplace M, is a free-to-play fantasy action MMORPG that features high-quality Japanese-style graphics, fast-paced action combat, group-focused content, guilds, server-wide quests, farming, PvP, and more. One of the game’s key features are classes that can be promoted upon reaching level 50 for more specialized roles.

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