Interview With Pocket MapleStory Developers Nexon Korea


The enormously successful Pocket MapleStory launched worldwide recently and I had the chance to pose some questions to Nexon Korea. While the game isn't a direct port of the PC version it does embody the same charming aesthetic. The mobile edition of the game features many monsters to slay, ranging from cute to formidable. And what would MapleStory be without fashion accessories to show off your personal flair? Being free to play both Android and Apple users can head to their respective stores and download Pocket MapleStory for free.

Of course we have to ask what future classes are planned for implementation and when?

Kaiser and Mechanic are in the queue for the next updates, however release schedules are yet to be decided. As you may know, Kaiser is a melee powerhouse that can also cover long-range damage dealing, while Mechanic makes use of many different machinery that makes it versatile in both offense and defense.

Many mobile MMORPGs feature auto-combat systems. Could you explain the reasoning for the choice to include an auto-combat system in Pocket MapleStory?

We have implemented the system to provide better convenience for repetitive actions, such as leveling and collecting loot for quests. But for boss monsters and dungeons? You will definitely need some manual controlling to fully appreciate the thrilling action unique to MapleStory games.

Will there be crossover events between the PC versions of MapleStory and Pocket MapleStory?

We do have rough plans for it, but there are no further details to share at the moment. We have made Pocket MapleStory not only for new beginners, but also for the existing Maplers to feel the same sense of fun and excitement from MapleStory for PC. Stay tuned for loads of updates to come!

What differences are there between the Korean version of the game and the Global release version?

As you may have noticed, there are some systematic differences between the two versions, as the Korean version is about a year ahead of the other. But in the bigger picture, most of the primary contents such as new characters and Candy Shop items will remain the same, and we will continue to bring exciting updates for the Global players.

Gender-locked classes are typically frowned upon in the West. Is there any plan to let players choose the gender of their hero?

We appreciate and understand the cultural trends, but there are no such plans to unlock the genders, as each class (character) has its own unique trait in Pocket MapleStory. Rest assured though, as we will be updating all kinds of characters in the future to satisfy all your tastes!

What kind of update schedule can players expect moving forward, and will updates be global or isolated to regions before seeing global release?

As I mentioned earlier, players will meet new characters like Kaiser and Mechanic, and be able to use an astonishing variety of pets, mounts, fashion items and etc. updated progressively. In the Global version, each update will happen simultaneously, and not isolated by regions.

Are there plans to implement PvP in the future? And if not could you explain your reasoning?

We do have plans for PvP (same as in the Korean version), but we have yet to work out a schedule for it.

Fashion has always been a big part of Maplestory. Will there be fashion items purchasable with Meso, or will they be exclusively purchased with Candy?

All fashion items will be exclusive in the Candy Shop; there is no doubt that fashion means a lot to Maplers, and as explained previously, we plan to make many different kinds of fashion items available in the future. You are going to love ‘em!

Touch controls can be difficult for some players (the older ones such as myself). Do you have plans to feature controller support in the future?

If you are referring to hardware (Bluetooth) controllers, unfortunately no. But you can adjust the movement control between ‘+’ and joystick in the settings, so please do check it out!


If you've had a chance to play Pocket MapleStory let us know what you think in the comments below!

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