The Clock Tower: Fate/Grand Order meets The Garden of Sinners Collab Event!

Hello again, class. Remember how last time we met, your professor kindly asked you to silence your cellphones? Well, this time, please turn them on, at full blast, and call for help, because we're investigating a haunted apartment building. It's time for The Clock Tower guide to the Fate/Grand Order x The Garden of Sinners collaboration event - The Garden of Order!

There is a lot to cover here, from missions, to craft essences, to a general run-down of how this event works. Unlike the Saber Wars event for Fate/Grand Order, there are no event-specific servants you must carry in your party, aside from Ryougi Shiki, 4★ Assassin.

Craft Essences

We have a lot of these things this time around, and they're broken up into two groups: Craft Essences that increase the amount of drops you get from enemies, and Craft Essences that increase the chance for an enemy appearing twice. The latter is much better, due to the Mission system, but we'll get into this later.

  • Grand Puppeteer
    • 5★ Craft Essence
    • Start the battle with 50% NP Gauge
    • Arts Card +15% for 3 turns
    • Increases Black Cat Figurine drops by 1
      • 2 when Max Limit Broken
  • Mature Gentleman
    • 5★ Craft Essence
    • Death Resist +60%
    • Increases Black Cat Figurine drops by 1
      • 2 when MLB'ed
  • Vivid Dance of Fists
    • 4★ Craft Essence
    • Damage Plus 800
    • Increases Strawberry Ice Cream drops by 1
      • 2 when MLB'd
  • Mystic Eyes of Distortion
    • 4★ Craft Essence
    • Buster Card +20%
    • Defense -15%
    • Increases Strawberry Ice Cream drops by 1
      • 2 when MLB'd
  • Sprinter
    • 3★ Craft Essence
    • Quick Card +5%
    • Debuff Resistance +10%
    • Increases Mineral Water drops by 1
      • 2 when MLB'd
  • Repeat Magic
    • 3★ Craft Essence
    • Start Battle with 20% NP Gauge
    • NP Generation rate +10%
    • Increases Mineral Water drops by 1
      • 2 when MLB'd

Why we have six craft essences in the Gacha is beyond me, but as usual, roll for them if you wish. The 3★ CEs can be acquired through Friend Points, though they're about as rare as unicorns. These, however, pale in comparison to the CEs that players can get from the shop.

  • Decapitating Bunny 2018
    • 5★ CE
    • Ignore Invincibility
    • Quick Card +8%
    • Increase Appearance Rate of Vengeful Spirit of Seven People by 25%
  • Threefold Barrier
    • 5★ CE
    • Reduce Damage Taken by 1000 for 3 hits
    • Increase Appearance Rate of Base Model by 25%
  • Summer's Precognition
    • 4★ CE
    • Apply Evade for 1 hit
    • Increase C. Star Drop Rate by 15%
    • Increase Appearance Rate of Living Corpse by 25%
  • Chorus
    • 4★ CE
    • Increase C. Star Gather Rate by 300% for 3 turns
    • Increase Debuff Resistance by 15% for 3 turns
    • Increase Appearance Rate of Apartment Ghost Skeleton by 25%
What the Heck is "Increase Appearance Rate" & Missions

Simply put, for each Craft Essence you have in your party, you have an extra chance of an enemy appearing two times, instead of once. If I have four copies of Summer's Precognition, then each Living Corpse that appears during a fight will appear two times, giving me more enemies to kill to fulfill my mission requirements, and dropping more loot by extension of that.

For that reason, the Craft Essences available in the event shop - the ones that increase enemy appearance rate - are far better than the Gacha ones. However, that doesn't mean the Gacha craft essences are bad. Lacking the appearance rate CEs, players can fill their CE slots with whatever they can come by.

  • Decapitating Bunny 2018 costs 100 Black Cat Figurines, 5 Copies Available
  • Threefold Barrier costs 100 Strawberry Ice Creams, 5 Copies Available
  • Summer's Precognition costs 100 Mineral Water, 4 Copies Available
    • One copy is given through completing the Event Story and claiming it in the Mission List
  • Chrous costs 100 Mineral Water, 5 Copies Available

As I have always stressed out, especially in previous guides, it is not necessary to purchase all of the CEs in order to finish the event. Considering we have 20 copies of every single skill gem in the game, as well as Chaos Claws, Phoenix Feathers, Ghost Lanterns, Eternal Gears, and Void's Dust.

That aside, lets talk Missions. There are 100 individual objectives to fulfill in the Garden of Order event, and they can be as simple as "Clear Room 101", to as annoying as "Defeat 40 Male Servants," or even "Gather Mineral Water x500." They do not have to be stockpiled to 500, as the original 2017 Moon Goddess event did - merely acquiring them is good enough for the game.

These Missions are also how players progress in the main story of the Garden of Order event. For example, completing Mission #19 - Defeat 20 Skeletons - will unlock Room No. 202. As a result, players should focus on clearing as many missions as possible, if they want to get as many rewards as you can.

Best places to farm

Saber Wars saw players rotate between a few select, high-difficulty nodes, featuring Jeanne d'Arc, Nikolai Tesla, and Scathach. Chocolate Lady's Commotion involved slapping on as many Craft Essences as possible, and then it was off to the races, challenging the highest difficulty node players could comfortably face.

The Garden of Order is a bit of both. There are certain Rooms that are clearly better to farm, but lower tier rooms will have to do if players find themselves unable to keep up with the difficulty. Here the best places to farm for specific items

  • Black Cat Figurines
    • Parking Lot, featuring 10k, 12.4k, and 24.6k HP Trash Mobs, as well as a Rider enemy with 243k HP.
    • Ryougi Shiki (Assassin) is a good choice here, for her high Death rate, if players find themselves struggling with the HP values
  • Strawberry Ice Cream
    • Room 702, featuring 10k and 14k HP Trash Mobs, as well as a 216k HP Archer.
    • Be careful of the Noble Phantasm charge rate.
  • Mineral Water
    • Room 603, featuring 7k, 10k, and 14k HP Trash Mobs, as well as a 166k HP Saber.
    • My personal suggestion - a good Archer support and clever use of Noble Phantasms

To round out our guide, here is a list of ALL the items available during this event, excluding Craft Essences, and a final word on the free 4★ Servant handed out to all players - Ryougi Shiki.

In short, she's good. A 4★ Arts/Quick based Assassin-class Servant, her Noble Phantasm's effect to inflict Death may be useless in most scenarios, but in very specific fights, she is the best servant a player can have - and a solid overall Assassin. During the Garden of Order event, her ability to inflict Death on certain high-HP Enemies can be a godsend for lower-leveled players.

Item List
  • 100 3★ EXP Cards
  • 100 4★ EXP Cards
  • 20 3★ Fou HP Cards
  • 20 3★ Fou ATK Cards
  • 2,000 Mana Prisms
  • 58,000,000 QP
  • 9 Saint Quartz
  • 7 Summon Tickets
  • 19 Golden Apples
  • 30 Blue Skill Gems of every class
  • 20 Red Skill Gems of every class
  • 20 Yellow Skill Gems of every class
  • 30 Void Dust
  • 20 Phoenix Feathers
  • 20 Ghost Lanterns
  • 20 Eternal Gears
  • 30 Proof of Hero
  • 30 Dragon Fangs
  • 30 Evil Bones
  • 30 Yggdrasil Seeds
  • 30 Octuplet Crystals
  • 10 Horseshoes
  • 10 Homunculus Babies
  • 20 Claws of Chaos
  • 20 Dragon's Reverse Scales
  • 15 Heart of a Foreign God
  • 2 Crystallized Lore
  • 6 Copies of Ryougi Shiki, 4★ Assassin
  • 4 Knives, to Ascend Ryougi Shiki to Level 80

Hey there! I'm Barclay-Kallistra, player of video games and piano. I first started playing MMOs with Vindictus, but now play FFXIV, and obsess over Fate/Grand Order.