The Holiday Event Guide 2015 Edition


It's the holiday season once again and that means that a horde of Christmas events are on their way. Is your favorite game holding a holiday event? Is it something you feel you should make time for? What if there are several games you're playing that are holding events? Fortunately for you, we have created a guide specifically for all of the major holiday events occurring this season.

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Aion is hosting the Solorius Toy Festival. Players are tasked with helping Girftrunerk, Atreia's greatest toy maker, make toys. From now until January 6th, players must collect Giftrunerk's Capsules, each of which grants a toy part or a power cell. The game will give you five per day. More can be found as instance boss drops and as a part of Solorius Capsule and Solorius Pass rewards. For every robot assembled from three pieces or every five power cells collected, players have a random chance of earning one of a large assortment of items you can see at the link above.

The Snuggle Crusher 9000 can be found in all major cities. Interacting with it will grant you a 10% item drop rate buff.

The Wheel of Fortunerk is available until January 6th. Each spin costs 99 NCoin. Every 10 spins on the "regular Wheel" will grant you one spin on the Gold Wheel. Prizes include "Nether Dragon Skins, Water Dragon King Weapons, equipment from Drakenspire Depths, and the brand new Irridescent Omega Enchantment Stone."

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ArcheAge is hosting the Winter Maiden Festival. From now until January 18th, various events are being held.

From now until December 28th, a quest line that honors the Winter Maiden is available. Quests include "hunting a winter ghost" and praying to the maiden, among others. The Winter's Ghost has a chance to drop snowman statues. Other rewards can be purchased from the Festival Exchanger for Festival Coins.

From now until December 21st, item regrade attempts on items of a grade between Rare and Celestial will have a 1.5x success bonus applied to them.

Players with characters level 40 or higher can visit Candy Artisan Vaughn in the capital for a chance to open presents with the Discord Destroyer, a candy cane that destroys presents. The Discord Destroyer only lasts 20 minutes and each time you open a present, one labor point is consumed. Prizes include "Bound Worker’s Compensation potions, lunarite of all shapes and sizes, special Dawnsdrop armor pieces, Bound Hereafter Stones, Bound Tax Certificates, Bound Eco Friendly Fuel, Elixirs of Insatiable Greed, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Bound Vocation Hastener Scrolls, scraps of a brand new portrait known as the “Higher Ground Inn,” and the coveted Brown Reindeer mount and armor."

New "Divine Clock" buttons on the UI can be used once the player has been online for two hours. Once activated, they will grant Divine Boots. If placed on the ground or in your home, the Winter Maiden will stop by an hour later and grant you a special gift box. This will contain Sunpoints, Moonpoints, Starpoints, or Holiday Essence. Patrons will get two pairs of boots per day and have a chance at Lucky versions of the various points. Holiday Essences can be traded for seasonal items.

Various seasonal weapons and housing decor are up for sale until January 1st.

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Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare is hosting several smaller events. From now until January 3rd, players will be granted a 200% reputation bonus for each day's first victory with each vehicle. From now until December 22nd, the players that create the best guide videos can enter to win "upcoming new premium vehicles" and Collector's Edition bundles.

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Atlantica Online

From now until January 14th, Santa's Villa is open. Santa's Villa has daily quests, dungeons, and more. Christmas Boxes that contain seasonal items can be acquired from Ebenezer Scrooge-themed Past, Present, and Future dungeons. Escaped Christmas monsters drop candy canes that can be traded in for various rewards.

Various seasonal outfits and lucky boxes are up for sale.

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Brave Frontier

Starting December 23rd, the Christmas Heroine Zeruiah can be summoned from the time-limited Frost Summon Gate. She is a new global exclusive that will only be available temporarily.

From December 24th to December 31st, the Christmas-themed Glittering Wintertide dungeon will be open. The dungeon features Zeruiah as an end boss and items that will help create the Frozen Fantasy sphere upgrade. During this same period, the Winter Glades Blitz dungeon will make a return.

Daily holiday login bonuses will be active until January 4th.

Holiday bundles will be up for sale from December 24th to December 26th.

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Cabal 2

From now until December 28th, Cabal 2 is under siege by reindeer as part of the REINDEER RAMPAGE event. Reindeer are invading Frey Hilltown, Desertfort, Labyrinth Forest, and Gray Canyon. Players can take them on to earn coins that can be traded in for "special rewards."

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Champions Online

From now until December 31st, Champions Online players can face off against the giant teddy bear, Clarence, and Black Harlequin. Black Harlequin has created a workshop used to create evil toys in the abandoned foundry. Clarence is an open-world boss fight.

On December 24th, players will be able to get their own present from the fully-decorated tree in Millennium City. One of various seasonal rewards, such as a Holiday Henchman or a Snowman Head costume piece, might be inside.

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Defiance is celebrating with Solstice Strike. From now until January 4th, fighting the Volge in major and minor arkfalls will drop seasonal loot. "Eternal Presence synergy" rewards can also be collected. These include the following buffs: 5% ammo pool regeneration on kill, 10% magazine size increase, 15% chance to fully reload equipped weapon on kill, or 10% chance to refresh all cooldowns on kill.

For the duration of the event, you can get dailies and weeklies with epic and legendary Eternal Presence rewards from the Tarr family.

Two bundles of seasonal cosmetics are available in the item shop for the duration of the event. Each grants 30 days of Patron status.

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Devilian may have just launched but Trion have gone out of their way to prepare a holiday event called Hell Freeze for it. From now until January 6th, mobs will drop Twinkling Stars. Dungeon bosses, who have a habit of hoarding these items, will drop several on death. These Twinkling Stars can be traded to Monica in Asperon for various rewards, including the Snowman Helm and Winter Hat.

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Dirty Bomb

Despite being a tactical, team-based shooter, Dirty Bomb's What the Dickens? update introduced several lighthearted holiday events. Trinkets have been introduced, allowing players to add various aesthetic items—like a snowman on a keychain—to their weapons. From December 22nd until January 6th, you can unlock three different trinkets at your 3, 15, and 60 hours played milestones. Only time spent in-game during the event period counts towards this and your progress will be wiped on January 6th, the event having ended.

Three limited edition trinkets are on sale in the item shop for $4.99 each. Limited edition loadout cards can be obtained from cases that are available until January 13th. From December 22nd to December 30th, these cases will randomly drop for players in matches.

From December 16th to December 22nd, trade-up costs are discounted by 20%.

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This holiday season, Dofus is inviting you to "chill out on Kwismas Island." From now until January 5th, you can visit this island and find the Abominable Snow Yiti, the Wintry Kaniger, and the Kwismas Dragoturkey, among others.

The Kwismas Minotoball can be taken on by players level 170 and higher. Those that are successful in defeating it will win the "coveted" Kwismas Nutcracker title and the Wicked Protector shield.

Three dungeons are available on Kwismas Island. The dungeon of Itzing is for players levels 1 to 70. The Father Kwismas dungeon is for players levels 71 to 130. The Father Whupper dungeon is for players levels 131 to 200. Successfully completing these dungeons will give you a chance at scrolls and pets.

A slab room puzzle awaits those who might be able to solve it and earn the reward for doing so.

A daily, repeatable quest is available during the event period. You can win rare gifts by completing it daily and swapping items with the Thwee Kings.

All players will be given the Father Kwismas Hat and Cape items.

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Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is hosting a small R-Coin event called The 12 Days of Wintertide. Each day, players will receive and increasing amount of R-Coins. The R-Coins are placed in special storage at 12 AM PST every day. They only last for 24 hours, though, so you have to collect them that day.

The event began on December 12th with a single R-Coin reward and ends December 23rd with a 12 R-Coin reward.

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From now until December 29th, Elsword is hosting an event under the name Winter Dream. Just by spending 10 minutes in-game every day, players can earn one Snowflake, granted the character in question is level 10 or higher. Qualifying characters will also get a daily quest to complete a dungeon that will award them with another Snowflake. These Snowflakes can then be traded for various items.

A holiday sale is going on alongside the Winter Dream event. All "regular items" are 25% off for the duration of the sale. Several exclusive items and packs are also available during the sale, including All-In-One Ice Burners. If players collect 100 Dark Crystals, they can craft a Blessed Dark Crystal Cube, which will reward them with one rare accessory listed on the sale page.

On December 24th and 25th, Elsword will be hosting a Happy Christmas event. Players will earn one "Present for Christmas" or Christmas Eve, depending, each day for staying logged in for one hour. The receiving characters must be level 10 or higher and they are awarded once per account. The Present for Christmas Eve will award one Luriel's Ice Burner or Ancient Fossil Reader. The Present for Christmas also has a chance at a Luriel's All-In-One Ice Burner.

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From now until January 21st, Frostfell has returned to EverQuest. Various quests are available in time-limited groups, each of which will offer players "special Frostfell-themed items" in return for spreading the holiday cheer.

Santa Claugg will hand out gifts to players between December 24th and December 26th.

Various Frostfell-themed items have been added to the Marketplace. Some of these are items created by players. These will be available until January 31st.

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EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 is holding a Frostfell celebration of its own. From now until maintenance on January 7th, a quest series is being made available to owners of the game's 12th expansion.

Santa Glug is back with fifteen tradeable gifts. Seven of these are new.

Gerbi Frostfoot has 28 new pieces of armor for level 100 characters. Tradeskill users can make use of three new crafting books.

TLE servers will have various items and decorations available, but will not be able to partake in the full event.

New pets and housing items are on the Marketplace until January 7th.

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is hosting a small Starlight Celebration. From now until December 31st, seasonal quests assigned by a reporter in Limsa Lominsa are available. Seasonal items and armor are also available during the event.

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Forsaken World

Forsaken World is hosting 12 days of login events from December 14th to December 26th. Each day is a different login bonus that will be missed if you miss a day. Consecutive logins are not required. All participating characters must be level 50 or higher.

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Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is hosting its Wintersday celebration. The event takes place in Divinity's Reach's Crown Pavilion.

Various activities are available during the event. Gifts can be gathered from underneath Wintersday trees. Other gifts can be wrapped for "unfortunate orphans." Players can start snowball fights with NPCs and each other. A jumping puzzle lets you jump from snowflake to snowflake. A Wintersday tree can be won by showing Grawnk "what the holidays are all about." Players can take part in the Bell Choir, should they want to celebrate the holidays with something more musical. The Ho-Ho Tron will be set up to accept donations. Once it is full, players will be tasked with escorting the gold to its destination and "[punting] thieving skritt" away from the convoy.

Tixx's Infinirarium has turned into a warzone as "rebellious" toys and skritt attempt to take it over. Players are tasked with stopping the takeover. They can do this by helping out or by taking part in a base defense activity called Toypocalypse.

Completing Wintersday activities "multiple times" will grant you the components needed to create the Winter's Presence shoulder skin. This item "envelops your character in a snowfall effect."

New guild hall decorations can be crafted by players that have level 75 or higher in scribing. You can go for more traditional seasonal decorations like wreaths and Wintersday trees or you can create a snow machine and have snowball fights in your guild hall.

The Gem Store now has a Winter Solstice Appearance pack, as well as several other new items.

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H1Z1 is hosting two small events. During the holiday season, air drops will randomly contain an antlers skin for tactical helmets. At the same time, zombies will randomly be wearing old Santa hats. They will be more powerful than the average zombie and drop a Santa hat skin for tactical helmets when killed.

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Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm has unleashed Winter Veil. Starting on December 11th, a 30-day event to earn extra Stimpacks began. If you play 15 games during the event period, you will receive a 4-day Stimpack. If you play a full 50 games, you will earn a 10-day Stimpack for a total of 14 days.

Players can ride a "Festive Treasure Goblin" into battle for free during the event.

New seasonal skins for Stitches and Sylvanas and two new bundles of heroes and skins are on sale during the event.

Zagara's price is being reduced to 4000 gold or $6.49.

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League of Legends

From now until January 7th, League of Legends is hosting Snowdown. Maps and minions are Snowdown-themed during the event. Various Snowdown-themed skins have been made available. New icons and a new ward are also available.

You will be able to throw snowball icons at friends. The person who gets hit will get one of four icons and a one-win IP boost.

The Poro King has returned. Two poros will appear during matches. Successfully throwing them a total of ten times with Poro Toss will allow you to summon the super-powerful Poro King minion. Poro icons are available for 250 RP and come with a skin for your poros.

Your Snowdown Shop is available until December 30th and provides you with 6 discounted champions and skins, each of which must be at least three months old. You can get up to 70% off each of them.

Various holiday bundles, self mystery gifting, and a sale on legacy skins are also available during the event.

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From now until January 5th, Mabinogi's Holiday Math Dungeon is open. Once you have chosen a main character for the event, that character will be awarded one Holiday Math Dungeon Pass per day. Up to three passes can be used per day. You can take on the dungeon with a total of four friends. A daily quest to complete the dungeon is available and will award you with 2 C-Coins for each successful run. These C-Coins can be traded in for holiday rewards— like a Knitwear Penguin Whistle or Knitwear Seal Whistle—at Caravan Joe in Dunbarton.

Holiday Gift Boxes can be obtained and opened for rare, seasonal items like a Reindeer Robe, Christmas Tree Hat or various decorations. Glittering Holiday Gift Rewards contain the same items as Holiday Gift Boxes and a chance at a Christmas Rudolph Robe.

From now until January 13th, the Holiday Gachapon has returned. For 1000 NX—or 10,000 NX for 11 tries—you can get a chance at a large assortment of seasonal items.

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Mabinogi Duel

Several events are going on in Mabinogi Duel this Christmas season.

From now until December 30th, playing in the Christmas-themed Arena will offer a chance at "Special Edition Card Rewards."

From now until December 28th, the chance to win a Rare or Mutant Card from the Cat Merchant has been increased.

Daily challenges will be available between December 22nd and December 28th.

Players will be given a chance to win the "Christmas Limited Edition Hero Skin.

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MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online is holding a tournament and several personal challenges this holiday season. If you own one of the 28 mechs from the Origins IIC, Marauder, or Performance Packs, you can take part in the tournament. Your best ten matches of the season will be counted towards a score calculated with the following formula.

(Solo Kill x 30) + (Kill Most Damage x 20) + (Killing Blow x 10) + ( Kill Assist x 10) + (Win × 10) + (Loss × 5) + (Survive × 10) + (Dead × 5) + ((Damage done - Team Damage) ÷ 15)

The Top 75 players will receive rewards based on their mech series.

Personal challenges will offer everyone a chance at some bonuses. Goals like one victory in conquest and 10,000 XP earned offer various rewards listed at the link above.

From now until December 25th, holiday cockpit items and the Snowfall camo spec pattern are discounted.

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From now until January 7th, Neverwinter is celebrating the Winter Festival of Simril. Each day has something different, as shown in the schedule here, including 2x bonuses to various points and free items from the Zen Market. Players will also be able to purchase a Mysterious Egg item, which will award the player that opens it with either a Chicken or Cockatrice companion.

Various activities, such as helping create a "duergar demon sled," will also be available for the duration of the event.

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Perfect World

From December 18th to December 27th, Perfect World International is holding a Christmas Gift Login Event. Each day that characters level 50 or higher log in, they will receive a random item from a set that includes War Front Secret Gifts and 4 Star Dragon Orbs, among others.

From December 21st to January 4th, players will be able to gain "the power of the Penguin Shot from the Four Lady Emperors at 10 AM, 2 PM, and 6 PM server time." They can then complete daily challenges for "new event rewards."

On December 23rd, the new, "relaxed" cross-server battleground Sunset Valley will launch.

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Planetside 2

This holiday season, Planetside 2 is celebrating Auraximas. Snowmen will litter the battlefield and grant XP when killed. Stonemen will be available in their stead on "less snowy continents." Golden Snowmen will grant XP and a "prized piece of loot." Various seasonal hats and weapons are currently available. For the duration of the event, C4 looks like presents and ammo boxes look like candy boxes.

From December 1st to December 25th is the 25 days of Auraximas, with new Depot specials each day. "A new or previously retired camo, decal, or weapon" is on sale in the Depot for one day only during this event.

The Two-Year Anniversary bundle is being brought back this weekend only for 3999 Daybreak Cash.

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From now until January 6th, RIFT is celebrating Fae Yule. New Iron Pike Peaks Instant Adventures are available. A new Minion quest line can be played through. A "new and improved" Sparkle Quest is available. All previous Fae Yule quests and zone events are making a return.

"The final boss in level 65 Expert Dungeons" will drop a Dormant Fae Yule Gift. If you hold onto it for 12 days, you can open it for a "dormant" piece of gear from "the first tier of Nightmare Tide raids." Upgrading it will provide you with a piece of gear equivalent to the raids' drops.

From now until January 7th, you can get a Jolly Hellbug as a pet or mount. To get the pet, you must purchase a $19.99 Credit pack. To get the mount, you must purchase a $99.99 Credit pack.

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Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape are hosting events from now until January 11th.

In RuneScape, players investigate the disappearance of individuals and a mysterious, present-laden iceberg in The Pinch Who Stole Christmas. Completing parts of the quest unlock more activities, such as The Great Gielinor Bake Off, and more cosmetic awards.

An Advent Calendar will award players with daily free items until December 25th.

Old School RuneScape will pit players against the Anti-Santa, who is a returning character from the Halloween event. Players will also be able to take part in various streams for a chance at party hats and Santa hats.

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The Secret World

From now until December 25th, The Secret World is holding 12 Days of Deals. A new deal on top-selling item store items will be available each day. Each sale will be announced on the official Twitter account. A new gifting system has been introduced, as well, allowing players to gift each other items from the item store.

Krampus has returned. Players can use the Krampus monsters' portals to enter Niflheim and fight Hel.

The Christmas Conspiracy and Mayan End of Days events are available for the holidays.

The Sack of Winter Cheer and Bag of Season's Revelry items are available either in the item store or through events. Each one contains new Christmas items and outfits.

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From now until January 6th, Skyforge is holding the Winter Celebration. A series of quests and daily challenges can be completed to earn Snow Crystals. You also have a chance to be visited by the Spirit of Winter.

Oceanides have been hiding in snowdrifts in the Park. Players can hunt them "from 9:00am to 1:00pm and 6:00pm to 10:00pm (PDT)."

Looking under the tree in the Park will grant you one gift per day.

Three Winter Packs are available in the store.

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Star Trek Online

From now until January 15th, Star Trek Online has opened Q's Winter Wonderland. Q invited some gingerbread men to set up a village this year and the snowmen are not happy with having to share their space.

"At the top of every hour," players can visit the Gingerbread Village and take part in the Cones of Conduct event to help fight off snowmen. You need to give them shaved ice and flavored syrup to create a Snow-Conian that will defend the village.

"Fifteen minutes after the hour," the Tide of Ice event begins in the "snow valley and towers area." Here you will stop snow Borg with "snowball guns and frozen weapons."

At the 30 and 37 minutes after the hour marks, a race called The Fast and the Flurrious begins. You must race to grab a flag at the end of the course and earn the title of the fastest racer. This event will reward you with "winter tags" that can be used to earn "special snowy Epohh pets." You then have the option of trading the Epohhs in for Reputation Marks.

At the 45 minute after the hour mark, a snowball fight will begin. Evil snowmen will begin to spring to life and throw snowballs at everyone in their path. You are tasked with defeating enough to summon the "snowverlord." Defeating the snowverlord will grant you "extra rewards."

Throughout the event, you can queue to enter the snowglobe housing the original gingerbread village and defend it from snowmen. Hidden presents and recipes for "special holiday foods" are contained within.

The Fastest Game On Ice event is a race that awards the player with Winter Prize Vouchers. These can be traded in for a tier 6 starship.

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Taichi Panda

Taichi Panda recently released its Holiday Update. Seasonal skins have been added for the town and all six characters. Three new pets have been added to the Pets Enhancement System.

Every microtransaction you purchase has a chance to be free. The chance increases the more you buy.

A "community submission event" is being held. All eligible participants will earn several items. The one who gets the most likes on Facebook will receive a special title.

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If you sign up for or renew an Elite subscription between now and January 5th, you can earn the Blithe, "the holiday kumas," mount for free.

From now until January 7th, Golden Gift Boxes are available from the web store. One of 31 prizes, including "festive rare cosmetic items," may be contained within. If you send 5 boxes to friends, you will earn three permanent dragon pets: Aurette, Crimsette, and Argette. Ten boxes will earn you Noble Moon, a permanent wolf mount. Fifteen boxes will earn you Noble Timber, another permanent wolf mount. Twenty boxes will earn you one year of Elite status.

While Golden Gift Boxes are available, various seasonal items are available in the cash shop.

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From now until January 5th, mobs will drop Snowfest Mystery Boxes. These could contain the Snowman Mount or Sleigh Mag Rider.

Winter Piñatas have made a return. They can contain the Winter Piñata Mount, Chilly Pin Head, and Slope Slider hat, among other prizes.

Winter Giant Chests drop from Ice Giant Invaders. These will offer a chance at rare loot, including various penguin allies.

Winter Dragons are here. You need to collect Dragon Souls from Winter Dragon Caches to unlock them. These Caches can be obtained from challenges and the Trove Store. The Winter Dragonling ally can be unlocked with only five Dragon Souls while the flying mount, Galenor the Primarch of Permafrost, will require 100 Dragon Souls. Several other mounts are awarded at different amounts of Dragon Souls in between them.

The Santa Barbarian costume and Rudolph Raptor mount have returned to the Trove Store.

Various costumes are 50% off in the Trove Store for the holidays.

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From now until January 6th, Vindict-Mas is occurring. Speaking to the Strange Traveler in Colhen will allow you to begin the seasonal quest. You can then collect Christmas Ornaments and Ribbons from Battle Quests. Once you have two of each, you can turn them in for a Scrumptious Christmas Present. The present contains both a Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding, each of which provides a bonus.

As players collect ornaments and ribbons, the tree will slowly become more decorated. When it is fully decorated, you can visit it to receive the Strange Traveler's Shawl item and "Let's Have a Merry Christmas!" title. The tree will also grant 25% EXP and AP bonuses until the end of the event.

There is also a Race to 90 event going on for the new character, Sylas. All you have to do to take part is create a new Sylas character and attempt to reach level 90 before January 6th. Everyone that makes it will be awarded the title of Phantom. The first on each server to make it will receive the title of Lord Sylas.

To help with the Race to 90, every Sylas character will be given a Fightin' Box that can be opened at levels 15, 30, 45, and 60 for bonuses.

Battle Quests will drop Hidden Holiday Gift Boxes at random. These can contain holiday dyes and other items.

An Attendance Event with big rewards for those who attend all days is running until December 27th.

Until December 27th, players will receive 2x EXP and AP as part of the Phantom Mage Boost event. Additionally, every week is alternating between half off repair costs and half off dye costs.

Two new seasonal costume sets are available only until December 30th. Snow Flower Inner Armors are available, as well as stockings that contain several items at a "large discount."

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From now until January 6th, Kwismas World is open. Kwismas World is a seasonal zone that has two dungeons—Father Kwismas' House and Workshop—six monsters, five consumables, one Kwismas Set, and more. Players even have a chance to fight the Grinch. Five achievements, five costumes, seven titles, and more can be earned there.

A new Kwismas-themed harness can be purchased for 2,500 OG and equipped to a Dragosteed.

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Wakfu Raiders

From December 21st to December 27th, Father Kwismas will be available in the summoning portal. New Christmas Bounty events, a Christmas Vortex dungeon, and present hunt minigames will be available while Father Kwismas is.

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War Thunder

From December 19th to December 21st, all War Thunder players can earn a free premium British A13 Mk I 3rd RTR by getting "a team win in a single battle with at least 80% activity."

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From now until December 29th, Webzen is hosting one big Webzen Christmas event. All WCOIN purchases can earn up to 30% bonus WCOIN. Players can visit the attendance page daily for event coins that can be spent on items in the game of their choice. Purchasing WCOIN of a specific amount or higher and spending it in-game will earn you various items, depending on the game you spend the WCOIN on.

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From now until January 1st, WildStar is celebrating Winterfest, a bit of a mock event. Players can take part in "Holi-Dailies," quests that reward the player with ColdCash. The ColdCash can be spent on seasonal items. Public events are available in the form of skill-based games.

An assortment of seasonal items are available for purchase, including "toys, mounts, housing décor, costumes, and more."

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World of Tanks

All players that log in between now and January 15th will receive a free 31 M. Toldi III, an free garage slot, and a 100% trained crew.

Various missions are available with rewards such as XP boosters, 100% trained crew members, premium account time, and more.

A Secret Santa event is allowing you to be generous in return for random gifts. You can pay real money to gift a random player a random gift. For each gift you send, you will receive a random gift in return. At the end of the event, you will be awarded a "commemorative medal."

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World of Warships

This holiday season, World of Warships has several Tirpitz bundles available and even the ability to customize and 3D print your own Tirpitz for a minimum of $29.99.

This weekend, Commander XP has received a x2 buff. The top five XP earners on each team in PvP matches will earn 10,000 credits for that match if they use an aircraft carrier of Tier IV or higher.

A $9.99 Weekend Captain's Pass bundle is available with 3 days of premium and 1500 doubloons.

World of Warships is holding the same Secret Santa event that World of Tanks is.

As an extra mention, World of Warplanes is also holding a Secret Santa event.

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