Black Desert Online Rolls Out Underwater Ruins Expansion And Teases Upcoming Blackstar Weapons

black desert online shark costume

Black Desert Online dives deep underwater as the Underwater Ruins expansion hits servers today. The expansion features three new underwater areas to explore: Protty Cave, Sycraia Upper Zone, and Sycraia Abyssal Zone, new monsters, and new loot. Players can also participate in the Call of the Ocean event for a chance to acquire rare rewards. The event runs from today [...]

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Black Desert Online Has Players Hunting Down Poachers And Launches Guild Attendance Event On Xbox One

black desert online starry night

Poachers pose a serious problem in the real world, apparently Kamasylvia has also been having the same problem ever since the latest Black Desert Online patch rolled in. A poacher will now spawn in various regions around Kamasylvia “moving a suspicious looking box" and it's your job to hunt them down. Defeating the poacher will reward players with a treasure [...]

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The Black Desert Online Banwave Drama In A Nutshell

black desert online warrior shield

Last week, Kakao Games brought the mighty banhammer down on cheaters and hackers infesting the new Black Desert Online Battle Royale game mode- Shadow Arena. Kakao perma-banned nearly 900 accounts last Wednesday as part of their commitment to keeping the game clean. Unfortunately, a number of innocent accounts were caught up in the banning spree. The devs quickly overturned false [...]

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Black Desert Online Is Now Live On The Xbox One; Major Content Updates Planned For The Next Few Months

black desert online dark knight aoe

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have officially launched Black Desert Online on the Xbox One. The Xbox One launch also marks the third year since the fantasy MMORPG was officially released in North America. Why did it take so long? Lead Producer for Xbox One Development Kwang-sam Kim explains: “Black Desert has been running on PC for quite some time, [...]

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