Daybreak Registers Trademark For A New Studio Called Wandering Monster Games

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Earlier this year, Daybreak Games founded three new spinoff studios: Darkpaw Games, Dimensional Ink, and Rogue Planet Games. Each of these studios was tasked with exclusively handling the EverQuest franchise, DC Universe Online, and the PlanetSide franchise respectively, while H1Z1 remained with Daybreak. Today, we have word that Daybreak registered the trademark for another studio called Wandering Monster Games courtesy [...]

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CD Projekt Red, Daybreak, And Other Studios Start Working From Home As The COVID-19 Virus Continues To Spread

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Here we are again with your daily dose of COVID-19-related gaming news. More and more video game companies have transitioned to a remote working setup as an increasing number of countries and states are put under strict lockdown to try and put a stop to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These companies include Hi-Rez Studios, Rockstar Games, Jagex, ZeniMax [...]

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EverQuest Executive Producer Holly ‘Windstalker’ Longdale Leaves Daybreak And Darkpaw Games

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Daybreak Games has a history of releasing bad news on Friday nights. Tonight’s bad news? EverQuest and EverQuest 2 Executive Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale, has left Daybreak and the recently-established spin-off studio Darkpaw Games. Her farewell letter has been published on the Everquest official site. “It is time to bid ye all a [...]

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Daybreak Games Establishes Three New Mini Studios As Part Of Their ‘Franchise First’ Initiative

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Daybreak Games is planning to divide and conquer their current and future projects with their new “Franchise First” initiative. As part of the initiative, Daybreak has established three new “franchise business units” a.k.a. mini-studios: Darkpaw Games, Rogue Planet Games, and Dimensional Ink Games. “Building on the success of the teams that introduced genre-defining games and franchises including DC Universe Online, [...]

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Daybreak Games Acquires "Mythwarden" Domain

Speculation is rife when it comes to Daybreak Games’ mysterious unannounced online shooter. To add fuel to the fire, they've also recently registered the domain While the URL doesn’t lead to anything yet, it raises a lot of questions on what exactly the San Diego based company is working on in their studios. Not the least of which is, [...]

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Job Openings At Daybreak For Unannounced Game

Daybreak Games Company has recently posted several job openings on their Careers page for an unannounced title. Job openings include: Creative Director/Lead Designer, Senior Game Designer, Product Manager, Senior Environment Artist, and Senior Game Designer. Here’s one for Senior Game Designer: The Daybreak Games San Diego Studio is looking for a Game Designer to join a development team working on [...]

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