System Revamp, New Character, And Hatsune Miku Coming To Dungeon Fighter Online This Summer

dungeon fighter online hatsune miku

Massive changes are coming to Dungeon Fighter Online this summer starting with the recently released Summer Update. The update features significant changes to the game’s systems including balance changes for every character, changes to level 85-90 gear, a revamped guild system, along with improvements to the Explorer Club and its interface. You'll find the full patch notes here. The July [...]

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Thingsoft Is Developing An Unreal Engine-Powered Sequel To Dungeon Fighter Online

Project Knock is the codename for an upcoming sequel to Dungeon Fighter Online. The game is presumably still early in development, so it's largely been kept under wraps up until now, but MMOCulture has uncovered several job listings, posted in February, that reveal a rather surprising fact. You see, Dungeon Fighter Online developer Neople isn't the company developing the sequel. [...]

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Dungeon Fighter Online Is A Bigger Franchise Than Star Wars with $8.7B in Lifetime Sales

In an interview with Venturebeat Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney revealed that Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) earned more in lifetime revenue than the most successful movie franchise of all time, Star Wars. Revenue for Dungeon Fighter Online clocked in at $8.7B since its release in 2003 while ALL the Star Wars movies combined earned $7.6 billion in box office sales since [...]

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Nexon's Q3 Revenues Exceed Outlook Due to DFO And MapleStory

Nexon's Q3 financial results have been published, revealing that the company's revenues exceeded outlook due to the strong performance of Dungeon Fighter Online and MapleStory during the third quarter. MapleStory is said to have performed "exceptionally" well in Korea, whereas it is noted that Dungeon Fighter Online's performance in Korea was "strong," whereas it was merely "solid" in China. The [...]

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Sunday Funday Round 60 - Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online Sunday Funday Gameplay Video This week the crew took a lot at Dungeon Fighter Online, a 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Neople (a subsidiary of Nexon). Despite its turbulant history in the West (Nexon originally published it, shut it down, and years later Neople launched it globally), DFO is tremendously popular in China [...]

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