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KartRider Drift

KartRider Drift is a free-to-play cross-platform 3D online multiplayer kart-racing game based on 2004’s popular Crazyracing KartRider game. The game features wacky tracks, unique kart designs, and item pickups that can be used during the race to gain an advantage against other racers.

Publisher: Nexon America
Playerbase: High
Type: 3D Online Kart Racing
Release Date: TBA
Pros: +Colorful, high-quality visuals. +Simple controls and mechanics. +Fun and addictive gameplay. +In-depth kart customization. +Unique track designs.
Cons: -Limited game modes. -Drifting takes a while to get used to.

KartRider: Drift Second CBT Begins June 3

The second closed beta test for the PC racing MMO Kartrider: Drift is set to begin on June 3, 2020 (and runs until June 10). Since the game's first beta, KartRider: Drift has introduced a new character, additional tracks, game modes, in-depth customization, and more. Players who are chosen for this round of closed beta will receive access to the game on the Nexon Launcher, Steam, and Xbox One and can play on any platform they wish (the game supports cross-platform play). Players can sign up for the CBT here.

Kartrider on the PC isn't exactly a new game. It originally launched in South Korea back in 2004 and an English version was available in 2007 until it shut down in early 2008. KartRider: Drift is an updated version of the original Kartrider game. Time will tell if KartRider can succeed in the West in 2020 after it failed in 2008.

KartRider: Drift Begins Worldwide Closed Beta Test

KartRider: Drift, Nexon's free to play kart racing game, entered closed beta testing today which runs until December 8th. Anyone who was accepted into the closed beta can begin playing immoderately on Steam, Nexon Launcher, and XBox One. The game will be available cross-platform and will officially launch in 2020.

Three specific game modes will be made available during the Closed Beta test period including Speed Mode, Item Mode and Time Attack Mode.

  • Speed Mode is a highly competitive mode within the game that prepares players for the art and skill of drifting.
  • Item Mode is perfect for new players looking to familiarize themselves with the controls as they use various items in order to get ahead of opponents within the race, including objects such as mines, clouds, UFOs and more.
  • Time Attack Mode is for players looking to improve their time and skills as they race against their own shadow to beat their previous record.

Kart Rider originally launched back in 2004 and has attracted over 380 million players in Asia and is finally launching globally in English. It's worth mentioning though that this is the game's second worldwide debut, as it was available in English for a short time back in 2007.

Kart Rider Returning to Western Markets as KartRider: Drift for PC and Xbox

Kart Rider is coming back to the Western world as KartRider: Drift and will be available on both PC and Xbox. It was originally available through Nexon's own website back in 2007, but shut down both in the U.S. and in practically every market outside of South Korea and China. In its home market of South Korea though, Kart Rider has been a sensational hit and remains one of the most popular free to play games in the country.

If you've never heard of Kart Rider, it's basically a slightly more competitive version of Mario Kart. It actually has an eSports scene in Korea and China. This new version of the game will be available on both Xbox and PC (on Nexon's own launcher and Steam). The game's first closed beta test is set to begin on December 5, 2019.

KartRider: Drift offers three distinct modes including Time Attack an easy-to-learn Item Mode, and a competitive Speed Mode, which offers hard-to-master drifting techniques for players looking for a greater challenge. Featuring stunning Unreal Engine 4 graphics, KartRider: Drift is optimized from the ground up to deliver a stellar online experience, with a breadth of content lined up, including constantly evolving seasonal updates. For the latest news and updates on KartRider: Drift, follow @KartRiderDrift on Twitter.

Players interested in joining KartRider: Drift’s exclusive Closed Beta, beginning on December 5 PST/ December 6 GMT, can sign-up at: playkartrider.com.