Kings And Heroes Introduces PvP

Remember Kings and Heroes, that promising first-person MMORPG with a persistent hub world, procedurally generated dungeons, and more? It was previously an exclusively co-operative experience, but Industry Games has announced that the game now has PvP in the form of instanced point capture matches that players queue for. At present, there are two maps available: Grasslands and Swamp. More maps and [...]

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Kings and Heroes


Kings and Heroes is an action RPG where players tackle procedurally generated dungeons solo or in parties of up to eight people. Begin in the central hub town of Everdale and explore the wide world of Kings and Heroes. Publisher: Industry Games Playerbase: Low Type: Action RPG Release Date: May 31, 2016 Pros: +Endless dungeons of varying difficulties. +Extensive looting and crafting system. +Interesting [...]

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