Ambitious Action RPG Kings And Heroes Hits Early Access Today


Kings and Heroes is a highly ambitious, Unreal Engine 4-powered action RPG from Industry Games. The title features a large, open world that can hold hundreds of players on each server. From there, players can group up in groups of up to eight and take on the game's procedurally generated dungeons. Dungeons will even allow you to choose the size and difficulty. Combat looks as if it is not unlike that of the Elder Scrolls series.

The game will be launching on Steam Early Access later today. The Early Access version will feature six playable races, five classes, four dungeon types, more than 20 bosses, a starter town called Everdale, and several settlements throughout the world. It will cost $29.95 and a four pack will be available.

As an added bonus, all characters created during the first week of Early Access will be given a "Benefactor’s Ring, Crown of the Creator, and Patron’s Cloak."