Legends Of Aria Gets A New Zone, New Skills, And New Items With Point Release 11

legends of aria heirloom items banner

Citadel Studios talks about the upcoming changes coming to Legends of Aria when Point Release 11 comes out in November. Point Release 11 is the game’s next major update and will feature new Necromancy skills and abilities, Heirloom skill items, and the final official landmass called the Outlands. “In the Outlands, you’ll be exploring an arid land tainted by a [...]

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New Dynamic Encounters Coming To Legends Of Aria When Season 4: The Shifting Sands Goes Live

legends of aria shifting sands banner

It’s only been a month since Legends of Aria officially launched out of Early Access but Citadel Studios is already prepping to roll out a major content update for the moddable sandbox MMORPG. Season 4: The Shifting Sands will bring with it new dynamic encounters and content in the Barren Lands. “Journey throughout the Withering Sands and Flat Wilds to [...]

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Legends Of Aria Officially Leaves Early Access Later Today

legends of aria roles group

After a year in Early Access, Citadel Studios’ moddable sandbox MMORPG, Legends of Aria, will officially be transitioning to full release on Steam later today. The developers will also be rolling out the Frozen Tundra update which features a frigid new zone, customizable traits, Prestige abilities for Bards and Tamers, more hybrid builds, and a competitive PvP arena. “Leaving Early [...]

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Latest Legends Of Aria Town Hall Stream Talks About New Features Coming With Point Release 9

legends of aria point release 9 banner

Citadel Studios developers held a Town Hall stream over the weekend to talk about what’s coming to Legends of Aria in Point Release 9. The upcoming update will introduce a host of new features including the Grand Bazaar, militia updates, a new militia ranking system, and a new capture-the-flag mechanic. A new global material called Spiritwood will be added into [...]

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Legends of Aria Launching 'New Dawn' Update on December 5, Adds Free to Play Accounts

Legends of Aria, the sandbox fantasy MMORPG from Citadel Studios, announced that its upcoming 'New Dawn' update is set to release on December 5th. Besides introducing a whole host of new features (New warrior abilities, the return of the Wilderness, Townships, Militias, World bosses, Leagues of Celador, and more), it also introduces a first ever free tier account. Free accounts [...]

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Legends Of Aria Community Manager Talks About Point Release 8 Part 2, PvP And PvE Improvements, And New Classes

legends of aria knight dragon banner

Last week, Citadel Studios revealed some of the features coming to Legends of Aria when the first part of Point Release 8 rolls out. Point Release 8 Part 1 will introduce Martial Abilities, Craft Order changes, Essences, an in-game Macro System, and Runebooks. This time, the game’s community manager dives a bit deeper into the upcoming update's contents in a [...]

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Legends of Aria Permanently Reduces Price to $19.99

Legends of Aria, which is available on Steam now, permanently reduced their pricing from $29.99 to $19.99. Legends of Aria is a fantasy MMORPG inspired by oldies like Ultima Online and RuneScape and features a skill based progression system along with a robust player housing system. The game also introduced the following with today's update: Premium Subscriptions: Players can now [...]

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