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Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis is 2.5D browser-based MMORPG that mixes fantasy with a touch of sci-fi. The game features unique tech called Nova Weapons which players can collect as they journey through the mythical kingdom of Cerulea.

Publisher: R2 Games
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: January 09, 2015
PvP: Duels / Guild
Pros: +Special Nova Weapons earned through quests. +City-building elements. +Fantasy and Sci-fi design elements
Cons: -Generic gameplay. -Only three available classes


Nova Genesis Adds New Daemon System

Browser-based Turn-based MMORPG, Nova Genesis, has released a new patch which introduces a new Daemon System.  Daemons are pets that are unlockable at lvl 50, can be raised and can also be evolved through an incubation system.   Daemons help out players during combat, granting boons and sometimes active effects based on their skills.


You can check out the full patch notes, here.