Rift's Subscription Server Rift Prime is Now Live!

The previously announced Rift subscription progression server Rift Prime officially launched today. To play on Prime players will need to purchase patron status with Trion Worlds which runs anywhere from $8.33 a month (full year paid upfront) to $14.99 (paid monthly). The main reason to play Rift Prime is to re-experience Rift the way it used to be from the [...]

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Rift Launching New Subscription Based Progression Servers Titled Rift Prime

Trion Worlds announced today that a new subscription based fresh start progression server is coming to Rift this Spring. The new service, titled Rift Prime (Amazon prime much?), offers players an alternative way to experience the fantasy MMORPG. The Prime servers will feature a cosmetic-only cashshop with absolutely no lockboxes. Trion Worlds arrived at the decision to launch a subscription [...]

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