Square Enix Reports Earnings - MMO Revenue Down, HD Games Down, and Mobile Games Down

Square Enix reported their Q2 2018 earnings (FY Q1 2019) this last week and the numbers weren't particularly good. Revenue is down across every major category including MMO Games, Mobile Games, and HD Games (everything excluding MMO / Mobile). Revenue declines at the MMO division aren't uprising as its been a year since Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion launched. Revenues [...]

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Square Enix Reports Strong Quarterly Earnings Thanks to FFXIV and Mobile Games

Square Enix reported strong quarterly earnings yesterday and attributed the quarter's success to the strong performance of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and the continued success of their mobile games (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Kindom Hearts Union X, etc). Square Enix reported net sales of 1.165B USD during the last 6 months ended September, 2017 vs $938M for the 6 months [...]

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A Financial Look at Square Enix

A Financial Look at Square Enix By Omer A financial look at Square Enix - the iconic Japanese video game developer and publisher best known for the Final Fantasy franchise. I discuss the company's revenues, profits, balance sheet, stock price, and more. I ultimately conclude that the company is doing quite well and that it has a lot of growth [...]

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