[Ended] Neverwinter Mini Space Hamster Giveaway (PC Version)

MMOs.com has partnered with Perfect World Entertainment to give away 25 Miniature Giant Space Hamsters for Neverwinter. Miniature Giant Space Hamsters are special reusable items that heal players over time. This giveaway is for the PC version only! Neverwinter Miniature Giant Space Hamster Giveaway Fun Fact: Boo was the pet companion of the Rashemi ranger Minsc in Baldurs Gate and [...]

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[Ended] Lawbreakers Closed Beta Key Giveaway

MMOs.com partnered up with Nexon / Bosskey Productions to give away Closed beta keys for the Lawbreakers Closed Beta test which will be running until March 19th. Lawbreakers will be buy to play at launch, but anyone can try the game for free during these pre-release alpha/ closed beta events! Lawbreakers Weekend Alpha Key GIveaway These keys are actually leftovers [...]

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[Ended] Faeria Gift Pack Giveaway

Update: We are out of codes! We have partnered with Abrakam to give away 499 codes for Faeria Gift Packs. These Gift Packs each contain the following items, which are worth approximately $7.10. 4 Battle Chests. These contain 5 random cards each, with the unique ability to reroll the card of the highest rarity. There is also a chance that [...]

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