PAYDAY 2 Soundtrack

PAYDAY 2 Music & Soundtrack

PAYDAY 2 is a first person cooperative shooter that revolves around four players working together to execute their own heist. Band together and shoot up cops, break open vaults, and escape with delicious loot. The PAYDAY 2 soundtrack was composed by Simon Viklund and Gustaf Grefberg for use in the game. The Soundcloud embed features all of the BGMs, tracks, and music from the PAYDAY 2 Soundtrack. PAYDAY 2 was published by 505 Games on August 13, 2013. PAYDAY 2 was profitable purely from pre-orders, covering every dollar invested into the game by publisher 505 Games. By September 2013 PAYDAY 2 sold 1.58 million copies, with 80% of sales being digital.