2017 is Coming to a Close, Along With Vindictus's 'Golden Time' Event

Those reading the title may be confused, but Vindictus is slowly rounding out a month of events that is literally known as Golden Time. While the bulk of the free, premium items that were given out during the month of Golden Time were already distributed, the most important items - a Sketchy Quality Coupon, and an Enhancement Coupon - will be given out this weekend, the weekend of the New Year.

  • Login on December 30th to receive a Hellish Handmaiden (30 Day Contract!)
  • Login on December 31st for a Sketchy Quality Coupon
  • Login on Monday, January 1st, for a Maximum +15 Enhancement Coupon

Simply logging in on the day of, before 3:00 AM EST / 12:00 AM PST hits is enough to receive the rewards. The Sketchy Quality Coupon can raise an item's quality level (normally 2-stars), and the Maximum +15 Enhancement Coupon will automatically bring any weapon up to a minimum level of +10. Sadly, there's also a 99% chance to get a +10 coupon, and getting anything +11 or higher is the same as winning the jackpot.

Players looking to get into Vindictus would be served well by such items, as getting a +10 coupon saves players a lot of work and time.

This isn't the last weekend for Golden Time, however. On January 6th, and January 7th, players will receive a Triumph Medal 2x Potion Box, and a Permanent Inner Armor Coupon. After those items will be given out - Golden Time will officially come to an end.