Vindictus Announces Another Miri Event, This Time An Attendance Event!

Vindictus is aggressively promoting its next character, Miri, The Last Draker. From a registration package, to a Daily Quest event, the latest entry in the road to Miri's release has been announced for Vindictus - a Warm-Up Attendance Event! Simply for logging in, players can receive special in-game goodies. Resetting every day at 12 PM, there are 14 different items [...]

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Gobble Gobble, Vindictus's Turkey Hunt Event For Early Thanksgiving Is Here!

Vindictus, a premier leader in action MMORPG gameplay, has announced its next holiday event, in time for Thanksgiving, in America. To get into the spirit of giving thanks (and consuming copious amounts of turkey), bosses in Vindictus will be dropping Turkey Drumsticks, and Rubber Chickens, which players can exchange for special titles, and rewards. If a player collects 80 Turkey Drumsticks, they [...]

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Vindictus Outlines Further Plans for Server Merge, Tentative Date Announced

Vindictus announced plans for a server merge earlier, with the intention of bringing US-EAST, US-WEST, and the Australian server into one massive megaserver. Now, we have more information, with an updated FAQ, and a date. A tentative one, however. The Vindictus team states that they are still in the process of checking things and making sure everything is ready to [...]

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