37Games Launch Guardians Of Divinity


37Games announced today that they have launched another browser MMOARPG. Today's release is a "myth-inspired" game called Guardians of Divinity. In the game, each player has their own "Star Sign" that determines "their personality and Guardian Goddess." If they collect enough Goddess Soul pieces, they can even summon this Guardian Goddess to help them in battle.

Players can also transform into Gods themselves by stealing the powers of gods they defeat in combat. Various transforming "Space Vessels" can be called upon to help players in combat.

In terms of content, a Goddess Defense dungeon requires players to defend their Guardian Goddess from "endless waves of enemies." Cross-server matches allow players to fight "massive battles" to earn resources from Sky Cities.

To celebrate launch, 37Games are holding a Zodiac Goddesses event. Simply head to the website, choose your Star Sign, share to Facebook, and you'll get a gift code for your respective Star Sign Gift.