A Mobile Verison of Echo of Soul Announced - Echo of Soul Red

Blue Potion Games, the studio behind the PC version of Echo of Soul, announced a mobile version of their PC MMORPG titled "Echo of Soul Red" which will be revealed in an upcoming media event sometime in June. The game will be built on the Unity Engine and will have an emphasis on PvE dungeons as well as an open world PK System. Beyond that, not too much is known about this one.

Despite the PC version of the game doing poorly in the West, a global English launch of Echo of Soul Red shouldn't be ruled out. We've seen a lot of mediocre free to play PC MMORPGs launch mobile versions and I suspect we'll see the same here. The game's developer aims to build a powerful franchise around Echo of Soul and has already licensed the game to other developers, so expect other Echo of Soul titles in the future.