Albion Online Game Director Talks About The New Faction Warfare System

albion online royalsAlbion Online will soon be getting faction vs faction warfare with the launch of the Merlyn Update. Game Director Robin Henkys talks about the new feature in Part 1 of a series of developer diaries dedicated to the upcoming update. Here’s what we know so far:

Faction Warfare allows players to participate in the conflict between rival cities on Albion's Royal Continent, and offers guilds, as well as solo and guildless players, the opportunity for open-world PVP on the Royal Continent. Along with incentives like Faction Standing and new Faction-based Killboards, this system will also introduce new resources, items, and mounts that can be used by players of all levels:

  • City Heart Fragments: These shards can be used in resource refining to reduce the amount of raw resources needed, or used as a crafting ingredient in various faction items
  • Faction Capes: The first of a completely new line of cape slot items to enhance combat builds
  • Faction Mounts: A new set of baby animals that can be raised into mounts with unique stats

Check out the full video after the break. You can also visit the Albion Online official site for more info.