Albion Online Hits Concurrent Player Record

albion online pvp castle bg

Since going free to play on April 10, 2019 Albion Online has been breaking new playerbase with the game currently averaging over 5,888 players online at any given time over the last 30 days. That figure is up from 330 average players back in March, 2019 before its free to play transition. What's surprising though is that Albion Online's concurrent playerbase figure has been increasing since its transition, rather than falling as most games do after initial hype wears off. Time will tell if that can continue or not, but the game is quite active right now.

Albion Online is a sandbox fantasy MMORPG inspired by games like RuneScape and Ultima Online as it has a classless progression system, in depth crafting, and full loot PvP areas.

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