Albion Online Playerbase Continues To Decline 19 Weeks After Release

Albion Online launched with a bang back in July, but the PvP centric sandbox MMORPG has suffered from a steeply declining playerbase ever since. Reddit user exploitedgg has charted this decline by pulling data from the in-game fame charts.

Posted on the Albion Online subreddit, the line and bar graphics show a percpitious decline after week 2. The total number of characters who gained any fame (experience points) peaked at 148,801 near launch, and has now fallen down to 24,482.

Even more depressing, the total number of characters that gained any PvP fame last week stood at 6,421. That means only about 25% of Albion Online's active playerbase has even bothered to participate in PvP, the main selling point of the game. These results highlight the challenges of building PvP focused MMORPGs. There are far more players who just want to be merchants, crafters, gatherers, or adventurers.

There's no easy solution, but Sandbox Interactive is not sitting idle. The German studio behind Albion Online is hard at work on the iOS version of the game, and on a major content update titled Kay. Set to release on December 6th, Kay will include an updated tutorial, battle mounts, hardcore expeditions, and a new GvG season. Check out the official video embeded below to learn more!

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