Albion Online Rise Of Avalon Update Will Be Launching On August 12

albion online rise of avalon bannerOver the past few weeks, the Albion Online community has been abuzz about the upcoming Rise of Avalon update. Developer Sandbox Interactive has also been keeping the hype up with regular previews of the new features that will be rolling out with the update. Today, we finally have a schedule for the update’s release – August 12th.

The update is now live on the test server, giving players a chance to take the new features out for a test run which includes the new solo PvEvP Corrupted Dungeons, new Avalonian Weapons, and the new Roads of Avalon system which will allow players to travel faster between linked zones.

“The Roads of Avalon are a massive, shifting network of ancient roads and paths entered via gateways that spawn in the open world. They can be used to traverse vast distances for traveling, transporting items, or launching (or escaping) attacks. Outside the Roads, the immense Wilderness of Avalon offers a whole new realm to explore, with treasures, resource sites, and new creatures to conquer. And smaller guilds looking for a home away from the politics and territory warfare of the Outlands can even place Hideouts and live in the Roads of Avalon.”

Head over to the Albion Online official site for more details.