Albion Online Will Be Making Key Changes To Crystal Arena Rankings In Season 17

albion online pvp sandbox mmorpg head to head art

The current Albion Online guild PvP season will soon be coming to an end and Sandbox Interactive is gearing up for the start of Season 17 with a preview of what’s to come. Of significant note is a major change to how Crystal Arena rankings will be handled starting in the next season.

Instead of a full reset to rankings, you’ll only partially rank down when the season starts and will get to rank up from there. A Crystal-ranked player, for example, will start the season at Silver I. All rewards skipped above the new ranking will be available through the in-game mail. Extra ranks will also be added between existing ones (i.e. Iron III, Iron IV, etc.). The points needed to advance through the major ranks will remain the same but you’ll get to claim additional reward chests as you work your way up the rankings.

Headquarters Boosters will also be removed as end-of-season rewards and will instead be automatically awarded to all guilds at the start of the season. Guilds, however, will still need to reach the required season points to use the booster which will also trigger a 90-day cooldown from Season 17 and onwards. “These changes should make it much easier for new guilds to establish a Headquarters Hideout in the Outlands,” said Sandbox Interactive.

Other noteworthy changes include improved loot for large open-world chests and a reduction in the time it takes to unlock a small open-world chest from five seconds to three. Players will also be able to immediately enter a new Corrupted Dungeon or exit out into the open world after they’ve defeated another player or are banished from the dungeon. Players will also need to be a member of a qualifying guild for at least 75% of the season to be able to claim guild rewards.

Season 17 officially kicks off on September 17th. In the meantime, you can brush up on what’s new in the upcoming season on the Albion Online official site. Surprisingly, Robin Henkys and his comfy director’s couch are nowhere to be seen.