MapleStory Player Niru (Lvl 299 and 99.993% Exp) Stops Before Lvl 300 and Airs Grievances to Audience and Closes Stream

Niru MapleStory Stream

The highest level MapleStory player in the world, Niru, who is level 299 and 99.993% to 300 paused his grinding to air grievences about the game for an hour. He had over 20,000 concurrent viewers watching and waiting for him to level 300 (max level).

He paused his grind at 99.993% to rant about the state of MapleStory. In an impassionate hour long speech, Niru criticized Nexon for their failures surrounding cubing, lack of playerbase in non reboot worlds, and several progression systems. You can see the full rant here below:

i wont play maplestory unless things change

After the rant finished, Niru said he did not even want to get level 300 anymore and that he is done with MapleStory unless they address some of his concerns. He did suggest though that since he had so many viewers, it would be unfair to them if he didn't hit level 300, so he said he would. He turned his game camera off to relocate to a 'special map' where he would hit level 300. Before turning his game camera back on though, he said he changed his mind and that's he's turning his stream off before hitting level 300.

Niru's comment about the situation (from his Youtube video description):

i am very sorry, but I just don't want to do anything because I feel this needs attention and anything I do will take away from it, which is why I decided not to level up. I am very sad over this, and worked very hard to build up a twitch page that I really wanted to do for years and I feel I am throwing it all away, but this is probably the best chance that I can think of to try and improve this and if not I just won't return.

Level 300 is extremely impressive in MapleStory as it takes an inhuman amount of grinding to reach. Just to give you an idea (based on his previous vods) it takes 10 hours of non-stop grinding to gain 0.8% experience.

This is a POWERFUL form of protest against Nexon. As someone who's played MapleStory on and off for years, many of his complaints are absolutely valid. His protest of not getting 300 when he was 99.993% there obviously cost him a lot of money as well, as I imagine he would have gotten thousands of dollars in donations and subscriptions when he hit the big milestone, but he forefeitted it to make his point. Which actually may give him more notieriety in the long run!

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