Alleged Dragon’s Prophet Copycat Has Been Yanked From The Steam Store

dragons prophet mounted banner

Remember that suspicious Dragon’s Prophet copycat on Steam that we reported on a few weeks ago? The game was supposed to launch yesterday but was unsurprisingly yanked from the Steam Store after it missed its launch window and the developers suddenly decided to change the launch date.

According to MassivelyOP and MMO Fallout, the game’s “publisher” BOBYGAME claimed that they had the trademarks and patents for the game and even sent scanned documents as proof. The documents, which were in Mandarin, apparently came from a source code leak and had nothing to do with BOBYGAME. A Runewaker representative also categorically denied that the studio was Runewaker’s partner after inspecting the said documents.

You’ll also remember that they were banning anyone who tried to question their legitimacy on their Discord channel and were planning to charge real money for premium currency on their website. The game’s Discord channel and website has now been taken down. BOBYGAME, however, left a message on the website saying, “We are sorry that we stopped Publishing and Developing the Dragon’s Prophet. The reactions bothered us a lot. Our team does not want to continue this way and has permanently closed.”