Amazon Game Studios Adds ArenaNet Game Director To Their Roster


Former ArenaNet—Guild Wars 2—game director Colin Johanson has joined Amazon Game Studios. Amazon has been adding names from the industry to their roster for some time now, e.g. former EA creative director Richard Hilleman of EA and game designer Jeff Grubb (also of Guild Wars 2 fame).

And Amazon tweeted just the other day that they're still looking for someone to head their community and eSports division at their Irvine studio. Maybe you're the lucky one.

We have no idea what Amazon Game Studios has been up to. I highly doubt it's an MMO, though they have been hiring people experienced with creating and managing big budget titles. But we will find out soon.

Amazon Game Studio will be streaming an Unboxing Event & Afterparty on September 29th at 6PM PDT, "Learn about some of the PC games Amazon’s been working on, and enjoy an afterparty with drinks and entertainment."

Who wants to bet it's a connect-3 mobile game where you can win digital coupons?