AMZGame Launches Clash Of Avatars Into Open Alpha


AMZGame is currently showing no sign of slowing down. The Chinese MMO company just launched Eternal Dream into Open Alpha earlier this month and now, they are bringing another game, Clash of Avatars, into Open Alpha alongside it. Unlike many of their titles, Clash of Avatars is a fully 3D title featuring a familiar, low-resolution anime style. Despite that, like their other titles, Clash of Avatars is a browser title.

Features include over 60 "fancy and mighty" Avatars, 10 pets, five dance modes, 50 mounts, and more. World Bosses, "Corridor Defense" missions, and other events promise a variety of options for PvE. PvP modes include "Asura Ground, Coliseum, and Flag Conflict." Players can take part in both Solo and World Quizzes in order to "reveal how brilliant [they] are."

You can join in on the Open Alpha here. Your progress will be wiped at the end of the testing phase.