Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launches For Android And IOS

Nintendo surprised us yesterday by releasing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a day early! Originally slated to launch today, the game showed up on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store yesterday, November 21, 2017.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Nintendo's latest mobile release and follows in the footsteps of Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. Fans of the Animal Crossing franchise won't be disappointed by Nintendo's new game. It is free to play and checks many of the same boxes as previous releases in the series. Players can catch bugs, go fishing, pick fruit, collect sea shells, and make friends with local animals. Most importantly, Pocket Camp is filled with furniture and other decorations with which to furnish your very own camp site.

While adding friends directly requires exchanging friend codes, it is possible to run into other players from across the world. You can even visit the camp site of players you've run into and buy items from their personal shops. While I've only played the game for a few hours so far, I can already say its the best Nintendo mobile title yet. While players can pay to speed up certain tasks, it doesn't have the 'gatcha' gambling mechanic that plagued Fire Emblem Heroes.

Further Reading: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Official Site (USA)

  • HNN

    "While players can pay to speed up certain tasks, it doesn't have the 'gatcha' gambling mechanic that plagued Fire Emblem Heroes."

    lol yea, AC doesn't have an end game or bosses to beat so basically there's nothing to "win" in this game

  • ivan_

    I think modern Animal Crossing (3DS) is only good as a social game, with people you know well, not just adding randoms online. The singleplayer experience generally stales after several weeks of casual daily/weekly play. That being said, it is oddly satisfying farming. Picking apples and fishing in ponds has never been so pogchamp cause the style is very appealing to a young audience.

    The reason why I mention the 3DS game is bc the mobile game is strongly based on the 3DS version (exact same art style, villagers, etc.), so I don't expect much change from console handheld to phone handheld. after watching trailers and reviews, the 3DS game is expectedly superior to the mobile version, but it's free to why not try it? If you like AC that much... well you probably have the 3DS version already LOL, and this is why I think the game might flop. Not good enough to keep players, not good enough to draw players from the better AC game(s).

    tl;dr typical mobile game, fun to start but it will quickly get dropped over (eventually mandatory?) facebook-game friend mechanics and players finding premium currency walls in mid-late game (and seeing as AC takes so long to fully compete, mid game is after, say, 3-4 weeks of gameplay)

  • Zariarn

    I've played the series since the gamecube. This version sucks compared to previous installments. The quest are token dependant. The zones are very small. There's no village you can walk around in. It's basically a map with a few very small instances to NPCs. The online system isn't live.