Art Of Conquest Wants To "Push The [MMORTS] Genre Forward"

Lilith Games, the developer of Heroes Tactics and Soul Hunters, announced today that it is developing a new MMORTS called Art of Conquest. With it, the company "seeks to push the genre forward on the mobile device platform."

Art of Conquest is quite a bit like other mobile MMORTS games. Players will build cities, join guilds, train armies, and recruit heroes. Combat will be real-time strategy format with a "card system for abilities." According to the press release, "these cards can be used to activate abilities to stem the tide of battle and give you an advantage at a critical moment."

The game boasts five playable races: Dwarf, Human, Lich, and two unannounced races. There are more than 150 unit types and 20 hero units. All combat is played via "large-scale battles with over 500 units on screen at once."

Lilith Games Lead Producer David Du had the following to say about the announcement.

As strategy game fans, we hope Art of Conquest can bring a new experience and vision to the genre. In AoC, the players no longer play on an abstract map like in other games, but instead on a real interactive world. It's a strategy game that's about taking your lord through this fantasy world and reacting to what is happening around you.See you in Nore!

You can read more about Art of Conquest on the official website or get an early look at the game in action by watching the video embedded below. A release window has yet to be announced.

The full list of key features is as follows.

  • 5 Playable Races including Dwarfs, Humans, and Lich.
  • 20 Hero units that can use special abilities in battle.
  • 6 Kingdoms to fight for or against.
  • Over 150 Units to train and recruit.
  • Real-time combat with abilities and spells.
  • RPG card system for abilities.
  • RPG elements including hero and troop progression.
  • Persistent Map means battles are fought over persistent real locations.
  • Guild Cities, and Siege warfare.
  • Territory warfare.
  • Send out resource carts to bring home resources.
  • Help Allies by reinforcing their city walls or lending them troops in battle.
  • Freedom of choice - Stay and level up your city, fight PVE monsters or head to real-time PVP battles.