Ashes Of Creation Enters Alpha Zero, Reveals 64 Class System

Crowdfunded fantasy MMORPG Ashes of Creation entered its "Friends & Family" Alpha Zero on December 15, 2017 and while this phase is out of reach for most, it it has given us a glimpse on how the project is developing.

Besides a stream showing off gameplay, Intrepid Studios also revealed the elaborate Class System of Ashes of Creation. Players will start by picking one of 8 base classes (Fighter, Tank, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Summoner, Cleric, Bard) and then later pick a secondary class out of the same 8 choices. The combination of these two choices will yield one of 64 unique classes. For example, a Ranger/Rogue combination would yield a "Predator". Pure builds are also possible, for example a Cleric/Cleric option would make you a "High Priest".

Intrepid has provided a nifty chart to reference, displaying all 64 combinations:

Want to know what Alpha Zero looks like? Check out some livestream gameplay from Steven, the founder of Intrepid Studios himself!

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