Ashes of Creation Previews PAX West Demo Environment, Introduces Six New Devs

ashes of creation green sludgeIntrepid Studios is inviting the gaming community and fans to visit their Ashes of Creation booth at PAX West where they will be showing off live gameplay and will give players a chance to test out the game for themselves.

According to a recent press release, a Game Master will be leading a four-man team through the demo where each member will get to play as either a Mage, Ranger, Tank, or Cleric. “Players will get their first taste of combat, escorting caravans, and establishing a village node before diving into the dungeon,” the studio adds.

“The setting is a volcanic area that has been in turmoil since the world ended. A terrible evil lies dormant within the mountain. Once majestic creatures existed here, soaring high above the peaks, but have been corrupted and perverted over the millennia by the malignant presence that now inhabits this area.”

Intrepid Studios also revealed that they’ve recently hired six new team members, namely: Senior Animator Chris Myers, Senior Character Artist Chris Atkins, Senior Environment Artist Javier Perez, Game Designers Bernard Kauffman and Joshua Epel, and Concept Artist Ryan Richmond. The studio is still on the lookout for a Game Designer, Technical Artist, Technical Animator, Animator, Producer, Full Stack Web Developer, Engineers/Programmers, Community Manager, and an Executive Assistant to Creative Director Steven Sharif. Interested applicants can send their resumes and CVs to

Meanwhile, here’s a preview of the Ashes of Creation Pre-Alpha demo environment that the Intrepid will be showing off at PAX West which will be held in Seattle from September 1-4.