Ashes of Creation MMORPG Alpha One Begins Sometime in 2020

Ashes of Creation released their 'Creative Director's Letter' on January 1, 2020 and it they announced that 'Alpha One' for their MMORPG is set to begin sometime in 2020 and will not be under NDA. They also recapped the year and announced that castle sieges will be tested on Ashes of Creation Apocalypse.

Everyone at Intrepid is committed to making 2020 the best year yet! We have a lot of exciting announcements coming up this year, and we are incredibly excited to see players step foot into Alpha One. As we continue to build Ashes, I hope that you will continue to follow along with our development, and chime in with your thoughts and ideas about what makes MMOs great. We’ve all had different experiences in the many games we’ve played, and those experiences help form the future of games in our beloved genre. The bonds of friendship we form by being part of communities like the Ashes community can last a lifetime.

While I continue to remain skeptical about Ashes of Creation, especially after how bad Ashes of Creation Apocalypse was, I'm still curious what the actual MMORPG will be like.

Source: Ashes of Creation Creative Director's Letter