Atlas Reactor Makes The Switch To Buy-To-Play


It has been less than a month since Atlas Reactor entered a Founder's Pack supported Closed Beta phase and Trion is already making major changes to the business model. The company announced today via the April Producer's Letter that Atlas Reactor will be making the switch to buy-to-play in the near future.

The new business model can be found here. For $29.99, you can purchase the game, giving you access to all freelancers that are and ever will be available. The $29.99 base tier will be discounted to $19.99 temporarily when the switch occurs. Two more editions that cost $59.99 and $99.99 respectively will be available, offering large quantities of skins, taunts, Mod Tokens, GG boosts, and more. All tiers will offer instant access to the ongoing beta.

All previous buyers will retain access to the game, even if you bought in at the $10 tier. A chart showing what you will get for your purchase in the switch to buy-to-play can be found here.

Executive Producer Peter Ju stated the reason for the switch to buy-to-play in the following quote.

Your reactions have been extremely positive towards Atlas Reactor’s cosmetic and boost-based microtransaction system. We don’t monetize power, and everything that impacts gameplay (such as Freelancers and their Modifications) can be earned via gameplay. We are proud of this system: you get a ton of play options, and it’s fair.

During Closed Beta, we’ve been figuring out how to best tune our Free to Play (“F2P”) game to create a sustainable business. To make it viable, we would have had to do some things that run counter to your feedback, making the game less fun.

Instead, we’ve decided to change the way we offer Atlas Reactor to you, shifting from a Free to Play game to a premium digital game (aka “buy-to-play”). In other words, in order to play the game, you will need to purchase it. Purchasing the game will give you access to all current and future Freelancers.

How do you feel about the switch to buy-to-play?